***Limerick💗Alert***   1 comment

There was a nurse anxious to score

With such style she was hard to ignore.

There’s one way she likes

But it gave me the frights,

But still I came back for more.

Posted October 31, 2021 by Every Useless Thing in Humor, Limericks, Sarcasm, Sex

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  1. 🎃🎃🎃🎃
    (since it’s Halloween you get two treats)
    There was a young stud who
    A sweet girl with games he
    He feared her aversion
    To his kinky perversion,
    And smiled when she gladly consented!
    Doing things with a man she
    should not,
    Because of lessons she hadn’t been taught;
    But halfway through foreplay,
    He gave her the right of way,
    Cause it seems she knew more than
    he thought.

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