02/14/2022 💖💖Valentine Limerick Alert💖💖   2 comments

Since we’re celebrating yet another Valentine’s Day, I thought a small collection of romantic limericks would be in order. If you’re expecting the lovey, dovey, type of rhymes you are about to be disappointed.


There was a young lady of Dover

Whose passion was such that it drove her

To cry, when you came,

” Oh dear! What a shame!

Well, now we shall have to start over.”


There was a young lady named Flynn

Who thought fornication a sin,

But when she was tight

It seemed quite all right,

So, everyone filled her with gin.


There was a young lady of Gloucester

Whose friends they thought they had lost her,

Till they found on the grass

The marks of her ass,

And the knees of the man who had crossed her.


❤The day has come,❤

❤The night is gone. ❤

❤My underwear’s missing, ❤

❤I just sat on my schlong.❤



2 responses to “02/14/2022 💖💖Valentine Limerick Alert💖💖

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  1. 💗So confusing…so many hearts, so many colors, but only one ORIGINAL and such a graphic Valentine image. You’re a true romanticist! I’ll keep this one forever and work on picturesque and similarly passionate

    • 💗She created a Valentine box,
      With a slot that required no lock.
      Adorned with lace and ribbons tied,
      He slipped his greeting inside,
      And became her jock-in-a-box!

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