03/03/2022 💤Limerick Alert💤   3 comments

I’m sending these rather bawdy limericks along after receiving a few requests for a raunchier selection. I’m nothing if not a people pleaser, so here they are. That’s right, you know who you are!!

A fair-haired young damsel named Grace

Thought it very, very foolish to place

Her hand on your cock

When it turned hard as a rock,

For fear it would explode in her face.


An innocent boy from Lapland

Was told that fucking was grand.

But at his first trial

He said with a smile,

“I’ve had the same feeling by hand.”


A nymphomaniacal Italian nurse

With a curse that was worse than perverse

She stuck a rotary drill

Up her twat, for a thrill . . .

And they carted her off in a hearse.


There once was a young man of Savannah,

Who met his end in a curious manner.

He diddled a hole

In a telephone pole

And electrified his banana.


Under the spreading chestnut tree

The village smithy he sat,

Amusing himself

By abusing himself

And catching the load in his hat.

3 responses to “03/03/2022 💤Limerick Alert💤

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  1. 🍆🤦🏻‍♀️🍆 And on Ash Wednesday! You need to go to Confession! Stay tuned…😛

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