03/06/2022 ☘Limerick Alert☘   1 comment

I thought a few limericks were in order today. The first one was created just for my better-half’s sister. The remainder are just for fun.

There once was a lady from BelAir

Who had long and flowing hair.

When she jumped into bed,

she often hit her head,

but never disturbed a single hair.


A health-care provider from Bloom

Wanted someone to paint her living room.

The price for a painter was high

But she knew how to be sexy and shy,

and hopefully the painting will be done soon.


There are my two “G” rated limericks. I normally don’t post them, but these are being done for special people. Now I can get on with a few more interesting ones that have a little more “Oomph”.

At Fred’s flat a bouncy young whore

Started bouncing about on the floor.

“That does it!” said Fred.

“Now you’ve busted the bed!”

And dismounted and showed her the door.


Daphne’s looks are completely imperial

And her style of lovemaking’s ethereal.

She’s erotically active

And intensely attractive.

What a shame her disease is venereal.



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  1. Thanks for making me feel “special”. Here’s one for you…

    She was known to be a little coquettish,
    Around a man that was quiet, not
    And when she teased him with her
    His arousal wasn’t discreet.
    The massive bulge was due to his foot fetish!

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