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For those of you limerick lovers, I thought I’d give you a small selection from a category called “Oral Irregularities”. No further explanation is necessary, just enjoy them.

In his youth our old friend Boccaccio

Was having a girl in a patio.

When it came to the twat

She wasn’t so hot,

But, boy, was she good at fellatio!


A fellatrix’s healthful condition

Proved the value of spunk as nutrition.

Her remarkable diet

(I suggest that you try it)

Was only her clients’ emission


There was an old man of Decatur,

Took out his red-hot pertater.

He tried at her dent

But when his thing bent,

He got down on his knees and he et’r.


The priests at the Temple of Isis

Used to offer up amber and spices

Then back of the shrine

They would play 69

And other unmentionable vices.


There lived in French Louisiana

A quaint and deceived duenna

Who naïvely thought

That a penis was wrought

To be et like a thick ripe banana.


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  1. Ahh, you’re so accommodating. I knew you’d rise to the occasion!

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