03/24/2022 😝Bad Poetry Alert😝   2 comments


Gurgle! Gurgle! Sputter! and Pop!

Those strange night noises

that just won’t stop.

Bad dreams of dragons and

monsters continue,

What I really need now is a

cork to put in you.


One of these days when we

both least expect it,

a terrible thing will occur.

Instead of gurgle, sputter and

pop, you’ll be gone, nothing left,

but a large brown wet spot.


2 responses to “03/24/2022 😝Bad Poetry Alert😝

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  1. 💗💗💗💗💗
    Wow…I’m absolutely blown away! Your
    silver tongue knows all too well how to tease and tantalize someone. You have the ability to fill your reader’s minds with provocative and erotic images that only exist in fantasies and dreams, and are brought to life with the onomatopoeia of a bowl of Rice Krispies.
    I have an insatiable concupiscence for more. Thank you so much for this gift. Please continue your literary journey. You have a very special gift! (Don’t you love being appreciated and valued?)

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