07/11/2022 ☠️Deadly Limerick Alert☠️   Leave a comment

The limericks for today relate to accidents – more or less fatal. They are basically “G” rated but will certainly help you start your day with a smile. Enjoy . . .


There was a young fellow named Hall,

Who fell in the spring in the Fall.

T’would have been a sad thing

If he died in the spring,

But he didn’t – he died in the fall.


There was a young man of Herne Bay,

Who was making explosives one day.

But he dropped his cigar

In the gun powder jar.

There was a young man of Herne Bay.


There was a wee girl named Estrella

Who owned an enormous umbrella.

Till one day in a gale

With lightning and hail

The umbrella went up with Estrella


When a jolly young fisher named Fisher

Went fishing for fish in a fissure,

A fish, with a grin,

Pulled the fishermen in.

Now they’re fishing the fissure for Fisher.



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