07/18/2022 👿Naughty Limerick Alert👿   Leave a comment

I know I’ve been promising a post of really extreme limericks. I’ve hesitated because of the kids who might read this blog when their parents aren’t paying attention. Some limericks are written just for kids, funny ones for everyone, suggestive ones for others, and then comes the dirty, naughty, extra naughty, and last but not least the downright filthy. I’ve been taking this process slowly until I can find a way to post the really filthy ones but until then I’ll give you a few naughty ones to wet your limerick whistles.


There was a young man from Dumfries

Who said to his girl “please,

It would give me great bliss

If, while playing with this,

You would pay some attention to these.


An old archaeologist, Throstle,

Discovered a marvelous fossil.

He knew from its bend

And the knob at the end,

T’was the peter of Paul the Apostle.


There was a young fellow named Menzies

Whose kissing sent girls into frenzies.

But a virgin, one night,

Crossed her legs in a fright,

And fractured his bi-focal lenzies.


A gay man who lived in Khartoum

Took a lesbian up to his room.

They argued a lot

About who should do what,

And quite how and with what and to whom.


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