08/03/2022 💥Limerick Alert💥   Leave a comment

It’s hump day, it’s humid, and a little gray outside. The perfect day to unleash a few adult limericks. I try to behave when posting limericks but today I just don’t care. Let’s let it all hang out and enjoy some lecherous and bawdy poetry. Forward all complaints to someone who cares. I no longer do.

A cheerful young golfer, named Jock,

Gave his ball a 300-yard sock.

It doesn’t sound far

For a chap who shoots par,

But was done with the end of his cock!


I lost my arm in the Army,

I lost my leg in the Navy,

I lost my balls

Over Niagara Falls,

And I lost my cock in a lady.


There was a young lady in Reno

Who lost all her dough playing Keno.

But she lay on her back

And opened her crack,

And now she owns the casino.


There once was a versatile whore,

As expert behind as before.

For a quid you could view her,

And bugger and screw her,

As she stood on her head on the floor.


Posted August 3, 2022 by Every Useless Thing in Bitch & Complain

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