08/20/2022 ❤️Bad Poetry Alert❤️   2 comments

After receiving a few interesting emails and poems on my recent “Feet” posting I decided to offer up some of my own Bad Poetry for your entertainment. In my opinion poetry is best when humorous.

I just saw a sexy painted red toe

Peeking at me from a nearby sandal.

It looked soooo damn cute

It was almost more than I could handle.

As it sauntered on by

Four other toes caught my eye.

Oh my! Oh my! I felt such a tingle

And followed along hoping the owner was single.

I raised my head a tiny little bit

To checkout that anonymous owner.

And all of a sudden, I unfortunately discovered

The loss of a perfectly good boner.


2 responses to “08/20/2022 ❤️Bad Poetry Alert❤️

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  1. 💗Perfect! But then, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Thanks…you made my day – – – Like you didn’t know that! 🌼🍆🍩🥹

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