08/31/2022 💥Limericks by Kids💥   Leave a comment

As much as I love bawdy limericks, I also love those written by the kids for other kids. And it’s also nice to know that another generation of limerick lovers and writers are waiting in the wings.

Amanda Chew – Age 13

There is a math teacher called Rundle

Who ties up his books in a bundle.

It’s too heavy he feels,

So, he puts it on wheels.

Now Rundle can trundle his bundle!


Raymond Coleman – Age 11

There was a young lad called Davy

Who hated the food in the Navy.

He couldn’t have beef

In case his false teeth

Would drop out and fall in the gravy.


Mark Rothery – Age 8

A certain young goalie named Finn

Lost count of the goals he let in.

When his coach bawled “Eight!”

He replied, quite sedate:

“Then we only need nine goals to win!”


Rebecca Telford – Age 7

There was a brown dog named Spot

Who tied up his tail with a knot,

To remember his bone

Which he left back at home

When he sometimes went out for a trot.




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