10/26/2022 💥Limerick Alert💥   Leave a comment

I’ve been ranting a bit for the last few days about politics and politicians, and I’ve run out of energy. Bitching and complaining is a total waste of time because it gets me nowhere very quickly. Today I’ll return to a topic I love and enjoy, limericks, especially those written by children. They make me smile and laugh out loud occasionally. Politics does not.

By Gareth Owen

Winnifred Gristle could whistle through thistles.

At whistling through thistles our Winn was a dream.

No-one out whistled Miss Gristle,

Winnifred Gristle, the whistler supreme.


By John Hegley

There once was an organic leek

That had managed to learn how to speak.

At the sight of a knife

It would fear for its life,

And go: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!


By Anon

The daughter of the farrier

could find no-one to marry her.

Because she said

She would not wed

A man who could not carry her.


By Marian Swinger

Two Dinosaurs strolling arms linked,

Met a little old lady who blinked,

And said, in surprise,

Whilst rubbing her eyes,

“They told me that you were extinct!”




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