11/06/2022 💥💥Kid Limericks💥💥   Leave a comment

It’s Sunday which is supposed to be a day of rest. Short and sweet today with a few limericks written by kids and for kids.


Consider the poor hippopotamus,

His life is unduly monotonous.

He lives half-asleep

At the edge of the deep,

And his face is as big as his bottom is.


There was an old man of Peru

Who dreamt he was eating a shoe.

He awoke in the night

With a terrible fright,

And found it was perfectly true.


A visitor from Outer Space

On arriving presented his case.

“Earthlings? Inferior!

My race? Superior!”

Tripped up and fell flat on his face.


An elephant never forgets,

Neither messages, shopping nor debts.

He can hold in his trunk

A whole cartload of junk,

And the little ones make super pets.


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