12/29/2022 🌞The Eighties🌞   Leave a comment

I’m a lover of trivia as you all know. Many of you claim to be as well and in recent weeks I’ve had a few people boasting of their knowledge of trivia from that era. I decided today to supply all of you with ten questions pertaining to the 1980’s and all of the weirdness that went on at that time. The answers will be provided at the end of the post. No cheating please.

1. For appearing in what magazine did Vanessa Williams, the first black Miss America, have to give up her title?

2. What movie featured the Beach Boys only number one hit of the 1980s, Kokomo?

3. What company introduced the popular arcade videogame Centipede in 1980?

4. Who sang the number one hit “Shake You Down” in 1986?

5. In commercials for cars and trucks, what was pitch man “Joe Isuzu” known for?

6. What strange and unpopular character was quickly dispatched as a Burger King pitch man in 1986?

7. What was “The Icky Shuffle”?

8. What was the name of Doc Brown’s dog in the movie Back to the Future?

9. What popular videogame character made his debut in the 1981 arcade hit Donkey Kong?

10.What arcade character was chased by a purple snake named Colly?


1-Penthouse, 2-Cocktail, 3-Atari, 4-Gregory Abbott, 5-Lying, 6-Herb, 7-NFL Touchdown dance, 8-Einstein ,9-Mario, 10-Q*bert

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