02/09/2023 💥💥Children’s Limerick Alert💥💥   3 comments

It’s time for me to try and convince you non-limerick lovers that they can be something other than lewd and bawdy. They’re fun to create and even more fun to read when written by members of the younger generations. Here are a few written by and for children. Enjoy!

There once was a young chap from Eugene.

Who grew so abnormally lean,

And flat and compressed

That his back met his chest,

And, viewed sideways, he couldn’t be seen!


A sea serpent saw a big tanker.

Bit a hole in its side and then sank her.

He swallowed the crew

In a minute or two,

And then picked his teeth with the anchor.


There was a young bather from Bewes,

Who reclined on the banks of the Ouse.

His radio blared,

And passers-by stared,

For all he had on was the news!


There are men in the village of Erith

Whom nobody seeth or heareth.

They spend hours afloat

In a flat-bottomed boat,

Which nobody roweth or steereth.


And here’s one final extra limerick for a nurse I once knew.

Believe me, this limerick is understating her illness. LOL


Jo Beth went to the doctor last night,

Rather hoping he’d help with her plight.

What she said, whilst bent double.

“It’s farting that’s the trouble.”

And what did he give her? A kite!




3 responses to “02/09/2023 💥💥Children’s Limerick Alert💥💥

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  1. 💗 I know you said this didn’t require a comment or reply but you’re going to get both.
    A real lady doesn’t fart. We learned a long time ago to clench our butts for a lot of reasons, least of all passing gas. We only effervesce(odorless of course), and they mildly escape like little cartoon thought bubbles. They’re certainly not rapid fire machine gun bombardment the men seem to not only enjoy, but express satisfaction and pride over their accomplishment. I especially love the sadistic grin on a man’s face when he explodes like Hiroshima. Guess you never heard of emission control!
    Reply to follow soon.

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