03/24/2023 ✨LIMERICK ALERT✨   Leave a comment

Any day is a good day for limericks whether they be bawdy, funny, or cute. Anything to make us smile a little is certainly worth the effort. Since we’ve all loved our years of school and our family pets, here are four related limericks and they’re relatively child friendly as well.


A small boy when asked to spell “yacht,”

Most saucily said, “I will nacht.”

So his teacher in wrath,

Took a section of lath,

And warmed him up well on the spacht.


A teacher whose spelling’s unique

Thus, wrote down the “Days of the Wique”:

The first he spelt “Sonday,”

The second day, “Munday”

And now a new teacher they sigue.


A cat in despondency sighed,

And resolved to commit suicide.

He got under the wheels

of nine automobiles,

And after the last one he died.


There was a young man from the city,

Who met what he thought was a kitty.

He gave it a pat,

And said, “Nice little cat!”

And they buried his clothes out of pity.


Enjoy Spring

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