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Well, today’s the big day.  We’ll be on the road to Maryland in just a few minutes.  I’ll be posting today and tomorrows entries now since I won’t be able to blog while traveling.  I certainly hope that I’m able to do so after my arrival in Maryland and I may finally get a chance to blog with the new IPad. This holiday visit coupled with my better-half’s Mom’s birthday bash will surely jump start the Christmas season for us both.

I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of our house sitters and their dogs.  A few further instructions and the house is theirs for a few days.  I only hope their dogs don’t piss off my cat too much or he’ll be hell to live with when we return.  He not real good about change especially when dogs are involved.

The weather reports are looking good for the trip and the likelihood of snow is slim. I’m also taking a new route to avoid New York City altogether. That will mean more actual driving and less time sitting in those NYC perennial traffic jams.

We should arrive back home late Sunday nite, knock on wood. Have a great weekend and the countdown to Christmas is now eighteen.

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