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Have you ever had an identity crisis?  Do you really understand what the term means?  I thought I did but as often happens I really had only a general idea and never looked at the dirty little details.

As  a young child we have an identity but it’s really just a  temporary one until we’ve reached an age where real decisions about our future can be made without the undue influences of family.  My father wanted me to be a jock at first.  He was an outstanding athlete in school and always hoped I could excel as he did.  I didn’t.  I liked playing baseball but for me most of the other sports were a distraction from my real passion for fine art and commercial art.  My first major identity issue occurred when I realized I didn’t want to be what he wanted me to be. I was just a kid who was afraid to speak out so instead I acted out.  It was my way of saying, I don’t want to be a jock, I really don’t like playing football and basketball, I can do it if I want to but I don’t want to.  It took him years to get over my actions but it had to happen eventually as it does with everyone and their parents.

We go through many of these identity issues during and after high school.  Do I want to go to college?  Do I want to be a part of a religious organization? Do I want to be married? What kind of job do I want?  Do I want to have kids? It’s no wonder we have so many issues with family and friends as they try to push us in one direction or another.  The real problem comes after you’ve made these life decisions for yourself and then find out you’ve made a terrible mistake.  To me that’s a real ‘identity crisis’ and the others are just normal growing up things we all must deal with.

I’m writing about this topic in a semi-serious manner and don’t want to get bogged down and depressed by it.  I’ve grown up and survived all of the decisions I’ve made.  Some were good, some not so good, but that’s life in a nut shell. I’ve had my mid-life crisis, been divorced, been happy, been miserable, and survived them all just as you all will.

I  took early retirement a few years ago and now I’m again faced with a new question.  Who am I now?  I sat down to think over a few things and suddenly realized that a person’s name and nicknames help them to find and maintain their  identity.  If Sean Combs can reinvent himself at a whim from P-Diddy to Puff Daddy then why can’t I do the same. 

As always the web has the answers.  I found these two web sites which are really helping me and my better-half to re-identifying ourselves.  Check them out if you want a cool nickname or two.

Here are a few of the selections we  must choose from:




Our Goth Names:  ADARE – DE DEMI

Our Mobster Names:  Lucia – ROCCO


It’s obvious we have some serious decisions to make.  Who do we want to be now?  I’m leaning towards my vampire identity since that seems to be the current trend but my better-half is looking hard at the pop star identity. This could take forever.

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Last week I casually mentioned my fascination with Victorian women and some of the responses I received were interesting to say the least.  Still, the more I read the more interested I became in that time period.  That resulted in further research to satisfy my  strange yet engaging Victorian fixation.  I realize that I’m taking a real risk in ruining a life long sexual fantasy but what’s life without a little risk.

As I’ve always been told by friends and family alike, "be careful what you ask for".  My research into the Victorian age revealed some of the downsides of the era.  The social intercourse of the time had many strict rules for behavior including rules for just visiting someone. Here’s a quote from a Victoria Domestic Manual explaining the rules of "calling on someone".

"Those who mix in society are in the habit of reminding one another of their existence, either by personally calling on each other during certain hours, or by merely leaving their cards at the door."

Those visits were normally made by single women and idle men between the hours of  1-5 pm  in the city or between 12-4 pm at the country house. A call was to last no more than fifteen minutes and was made twice a year and on certain special occasions.

1. After the birth of a baby – either in person or by a servant
2. On the marriage of a daughter – usually the day after the wedding
3. After a death – no calls were made until the lady of the house had sent round her cards "to return thanks for the inquiries" made during the time of
4. Prior to a long absence  from home – ladies then called on their friends
When a lady making a call is married and her husband is too busy to call, she may leave his card for the master of the house.

In leaving cards for a married couple, a lady is to leave one card and the man should leave two.

Formal calls on certain special occasions should be returned within a few days. If not a formal apology is required and expected.

Refreshments are not required in town visits but in the country they should be made available if a caller comes a long distance.

Could you imagine having these sorts of rules in place now.  All of our younger generations would be required to drop a card when they visited anyone.  I can only imagine what those cards might look like.  It would break out into individual groups like everything else seems to do.   You would have Hip-Hop cards, Nerd cards, Artist cards, Sports Cards, and Designer Cards for every occasion.  The look of the card would become another peer pressure item with competition making their costs skyrocket.  Plain old black and white print would no longer be cool but gold embossed print with an accompanying  graphic or photo would the next step.  It would be the next new old thing for the 21st century.  What will come after that? A return to bell bottoms, mullets, or my all time favorite, girdles. 

People need to realize that something stupid a hundred years ago is still stupid today.  I hope we haven’t just run out of new and original good ideas.  It’s too depressing to ponder, so I won’t.

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Today has been another remodeling/construction day with a major step forward finally taken.  I’ve reached the point where the wall between our bedroom and the adjacent room was taken down.  For the first time we both can visualize the finished product and the end of this long drawn out project.

I hired the flooring installer this week who will be putting down the hardwood floors.  The flooring materials were purchased and delivered and while a little pricey they’ll perfectly match the floors in the rest of the house.  Another room without that outdated and worn carpeting which leaves only one left to finish. Thank God!

I also continued and completed my review of the photographs taken during the last storm.  I was so happy to see how beautiful many of the snow scenes turned out. Between the better-half and I we have quite the collection of salable pictures.  I look forward to having a few enlarged to poster size for possible framing and eventual sale.

It appears we’re in for more snow later in the week.  This has been quite the Maine winter with a constant mix of weather hitting us on a regular basis.  During the last storm alone on one day it snowed in the early morning, then sleet, rain, more snow, more rain, and finally the addition fifteen additional inches of wet and heavy snow.  After all of that the temps were in the forties most of the day today which is just a little strange to say the least.

I’m sitting here enjoying the quiet before I head off to bed.  My normal habit of reading before bed isn’t getting the job done tonight.  I’ve been dealing with a half-assed bout with insomnia for the last few nights and there’s nothing worse than being unable to rest.  I’m hoping it will pass soon but I suspect that the lack of physical activity due to the weather is not helping.  I’m sure it will pass eventually but I’m really missing those good nights of eight hours of solid sleep and rest.

One more thing before I retire.  I’d like to collectively welcome and thank a few of the new followers to this blog who I hope will enjoy their future visits here. Check out their blogs and enjoy them as I do:   tokillahammingbird, domesticdiva, thebaggagehandler, artlesspoetry, charlottecarrendar, theevolutionofeloquence, livingwithadhd, and jaguarjill.

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After yesterday’s serious posting I decided to lighten things up a bit today.  We snow bunnies here in Maine are celebrating again as we await yet another two feet of snow to play in. I’ve spent most of today with my new best friend, my snow blower, and we’ve been out doing our thing four times already. It’s a real bitch since this snow is extremely heavy and wet making everything doubly difficult.  If I don’t continue to keep up with the snowfall then tomorrow when the temperature dips low again I’ll be up to my butt in ice.

My better-half has apparently lost what little was left of her mind.  She’s been out in the snow all day running, jumping, and just being crazy.  I fear she may have a serious snow fetish that I was not previously aware of. I gave up years ago trying to calm her down when she gets like this so I just stand back and take lots of pictures.  They’re perfect for future blackmailing purposes and you can bet I’ll use them to my best advantage. I’m surprised she hasn’t again suggested making naked snow angels as she’s done in the past. In order for me to be tempted to do that I’d need a lot more alcohol which would in turn would make me especially dangerous with that snow blower.  So I’ll pass this time and make sure I get really clear pictures if she decides to get that nuts.

Her one big wish today was to build a freaking snowman in the front yard.  Since I wasn’t permitted to give it a nice set of breasts I refused to participate.  Being the shy person she is she initiated a conversation with some guy in a pickup truck who was plowing the neighbors driveway who then stopped to look at the snowman.  She complained she had no carrot for the snowman’s nose and it really wouldn’t be complete without one.  The guy turned his truck around and drove away in the middle of the storm and returned fifteen minutes later, rolled down his window, and handed her a carrot, and then drove away. All in all a pretty cool move.

I suppose I’ll be out with the snow blower at least one more time before calling it a night.  I suspect she’ll require me to sit in front of the television tonight with her to watch all of the red carpet hoopla before the Oscar ceremony.  Thank God she works early in the morning and will probably go to bed early so I can turn it off.  Watching Hollywood celebrities for me is much like having your wisdom teeth pulled with a pair of pliers and no Novocain.

It’s time for a quiet dinner and a glass of brandy or two and then to bed to read a few chapters.  The storm should be over before morning and I hope we get a reprieve from the weather for a few days before the next one rolls in.

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As I sit here today watching the freaking snow come down I’m a little irked because I have a few people in my life who’ve labeled me a ‘neat freak’.  I’ve never been too fond of that negative terminology or the term OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) but I suppose in the end it’s probably true to a degree.  Looking through my family tree for any proof of a ‘neat’ gene was no help at all. Believe me there is no indication whatsoever that anyone in my family was ever ‘neat’ at the level I seem to be.  I have to admit that my nephew in Texas shows some minor  indicators but not near the level I’ve reached.

These days it seems this condition is all the rage but they (the experts) have come up with a number of new names for what they deem a terrible affliction, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) immediately comes to mind, and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Just another excuse to bang the prescription drug drum.  More drugs, take more drugs, buy more drugs, and everything will be just fine. Take the small children who may act up slightly in school, diagnose them with a myriad of alphabet diseases, and immediately put them onto some sort of drug regimen.  The teachers apparently need their classes to be totally calm and controllable  or they just can’t get the job done.    Everyone knows its always much easier to control a room full of zombies than a bunch of excited children.
I agree there are some children and adults who are at the extreme end of hyperactivity and may need some sort of medication to calm them but not at the levels we’re currently seeing.

I feel for those people and can’t begin to imagine trying to live a normal life if my ‘neat freak’ affliction were twice as bad as it is.  Unfortunately thousands of young children are automatically labeled with OCD, ADD, or ADHD which will then follow them for the rest of their lives.  It not only colors how other people see them but how they see themselves.  It actually in some cases can give them an excuse for continued bad behavior.  "I’m OCD, it’s not my fault, my parents forgot to give me my pills this morning."

My sympathies go out to those people suffering with severe cases of this affliction.  My sympathies also go out to the thousands of young children who are being medicated unnecessarily in order to maintain some sort of control in the schools.  Being a smart ass with a wise mouth doesn’t make you ADD, ADHD, OCD, or anything else.  It just makes you a smart ass with a big mouth who should not be considered a candidate for drugging.

I’m sure that some of you will be pissed off and disagree with me completely.  That’s your prerogative but it won’t change in any way what I think or feel on the subject.  For those of you who want to rant and rave at me, feel free.

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As winter continues I always find myself looking forward to summer and spending time at the beach.  It’s also impossible for me to accurately guess what kind of beachwear I’ll be seeing this year.  More thongs to be sure and bikinis with as much material as a man’s handkerchief (I hope).  It seems from my past experiences that the younger the women are the less clothes they are likely to wear. I’m all for showing a reasonable amount of skin but at a certain point it begins to lose it’s allure for me.  There’s a fine line between sexy and slutty and for me near naked is much sexier than almost naked.

Coming of age in the sixties and seventies might make you think I’m a child of the free love generation.  It’s not true at all.  I do still harken back to bare feet, long flowing hair, and a full length light cotton dress (sans panties) but other things work for me as well.  I’ve always been a big fan of the woman who can dress herself and be sexy without having all of her more interesting parts hanging out in the wind.  I just love to be tantalized as part of the foreplay to really get me interested.  An ankle peeking from beneath a long dress can be just as sexy as a low cut top or a super short skirt.

I’ve always been a fan of the Victorian times where people appeared to be a bit stuffy and non-sexual in their dress and comportment but once they entered the bedroom they dropped the goody-goody routine altogether.  The women wore their hair long but rolled tightly in a bun and in the bedroom the bun was unrolled, the many articles of clothing were throw about the room, and the real fun could begin. It took more than a few minutes I’m sure to get them out of all the petticoats, slips, corsets, and high button shoes but in the end it was all good.

I was recently reading a few writings by Gwen Raverat (1885-1957), the granddaughter of Charles Darwin, who described sharing a room with a young lady in her younger years who was wearing the following listed undergarments.  Just imagine yourself as a Victorian gentleman with sex on his mind trying to work his way through this outfit to get to the Promised Land.

1. Thick, long legged, long sleeved woolen combinations
2. Over them, white cotton combinations (this is a chemise and drawers combined into one garment), with plenty of buttons and frills
3. Very serious, bony gray stays, with suspenders
4. Black woolen stockings
5. White cotton drawers, with buttons and frills
6. White cotton "petticoat-bodice", with embroidery, buttons and frills
7. Rather short, white flannel petticoat
8. Long alpaca petticoat, with a flounce round the bottom
9. Pink flannel blouse

That wardrobe would take me at least an hour to work my way through. Hopefully I’d have enough strength and stamina left to finish the job after all that undressing.  Those Victorian guys must have been incredibly persistent with the sex drive of Superman.

It doesn’t change anything for me though, I still find Victorian ladies sexy as hell but I would never discriminate against our modern women. I’ll also make this promise.  I solemnly pledge to give the women of our younger generations  my full attention and respect  this summer as they prance along the beach wearing not much more than an attitude and a smile.  It’s the courteous thing to do and I’m nothing if not courteous.

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With winter seeming to drag on endlessly I decided to spend time today working with my photographs.  I currently have almost fifteen thousand photos taken over the last five years that need to be properly sorted, filed, and backed up.  It’ a tedious and time consuming process but absolutely necessary when dealing with these large numbers of pictures.

It’s a chore that  I really enjoy and it gives me an opportunity to again relive when I took them and in many cases why I took them.  The last two summers I’ve been involved photographing a subject I just love, dragonflies.  Dragonflies have become one of my all time passions due to their delicacy and beauty.  I purchased a great lens about five years ago and it’s primarily used to take macro photo’s.  These photo’s are so detailed you’re able to see the segmented wings and the gorgeous colors like never before.

In a local area nearby I found a small isolated pond that teems with dragonflies of all types and colors.  I spent many hours sitting near the swampy end of that pond amongst the cattails observing the dragonflies and attempting to identify the many types I was seeing.  They’re very curious and upon my arrival they normally swarmed around me to see what I was doing. Getting them to pose for photo’s was difficult at best because they almost never stop moving.  It was frustrating to say the least and it required me to study up on the species in an attempt to solve that problem.

They live in a larva stage in the water of ponds often for years where they’re able to prey on small fish to survive. The winged stage is very short and is for mating, egg laying, mosquito eating, and then death.  They’ve been around in one form or another for millions of years and have slowly evolved into these smaller versions of the originals.  Fossils have been found with dragonflies more than two feet long.

I did discover that many of the smaller ones I photographed were not actually dragonflies but damselflies.  Dragonflies have huge eyes that touch each other but the damselflies eyes are separated and they’re much smaller.  They come in a number of vivid colors but the ones I see most often are an electric blue.  Both species as I mentioned earlier are very curious and militantly territorial.  They spend their entire lives looking for food and fighting to maintain those territories whether in the water or out.  They’re what you might call scrappy.

I needed to find a way to get them to sit still for a few seconds. Taking their photographs in flight while OK wasn’t giving me the detail that I needed.  I first took a small piece of gum and attached it to the end of a reed sticking up in the swamp.  They did land occasionally on those reeds and it appeared they were resting or possibly sunning themselves.  No luck with that strategy, they landed for a second and then were gone. I next tried a drop of sugar water on the reed and had some successes but still not what I was looking for. Eventually I found an ant, squished it, and then placed a piece of it on the end of the reed.  Bingo, they landed and stayed for  a few seconds longer than usual and I began to get some great pictures.

Over the next two months I took some truly amazing photographs.  Once they determined I wasn’t a threat they forgot about me completely and came close with little or no fear.  If you’d like to give it a try you’ll  certainly need a great deal of patience and a supply of ants.

Well, back to the computer to finish up my sorting.  I’m starting to get a small jolt  of spring fever and excited for warm weather so I can get back to the swamp.

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In my travels this year everyone seems to be talking a great deal about the flu, getting flu shots, and health issues in general.  They don’t call this time of the year Cold & Flu Season for nothing I suppose.

As a society we’ve been slowly and steadily introduced to a plethora of drugs that will seemingly cure all of our ills (we hope).  The costs keep rising and rising for these drugs with no end in sight (if the drug companies having anything to say about it).  Prescription drugs have become the new necessities of life and a major addiction for our entire society. It’s all we seem to talk about or think about after  decades of thorough and constant advertising propaganda.

My mother introduced me to herb growing many years ago and ever since I’ve had a really nice herb garden wherever I’ve lived.  I grow dozens of culinary herbs and I’m already planning additions to my garden for this year.  I try to use as many fresh herbs as I can in our food preparations during the summer months and dry and store enough to get us through each winter.  It makes the food much more  flavorful and is likely a healthy practice (we hope).

Being a huge reader I’ve developed a habit of buying old books at yard sales and discount bookstores concerning herb lore and their varied medicinal uses.  About twenty years ago I stumbled on a copy of a very old book, Culpeper’s Complete Herbal – written in 1653, that contains hundreds of plants and their dosages used for  medicinal purposes.  For centuries that book was probably used  for remedies to ease symptoms of many every day minor illnesses.

I decided to do a little more research and  thought I might pass along a few of these outdated and quirky remedies that may have been the basis for some of our current day solutions.  Here are a few:

After all of these years our current well educated doctors are still no closer to discovering a remedy for the common cold.  It’s the same old thing, "drink lots of liquids, bed rest, and take an aspirin every four hours."  The ancients believed in the use of medicinal herbs.  They actually brewed willow bark  to help ease headaches and cold symptoms. It was later synthesized into the modern day aspirin we use today.  Maybe they were smarter than we give them credit for, or  maybe not. Here’s a sore throat remedy that you will just love:

Take a wool sock, a dirty (stinky and smelly) wool sock worn by someone who is obviously strong and healthy.  It must be a sock from a member of the opposite sex and should be turned inside out and tied around the neck.  The foot part of the sock should cover the sorest spot of the throat and left there overnight. In the morning remove the sock and wash (please). Your sore throat and fever should be eased somewhat. (Yikes!)

How’s that for a disgusting bit of healthcare.  I think I’d prefer the smell of Vicks to a nasty old sock worn by better-half. It might cure my sore throat but my eye’s would water for a week. Now for an interesting tip on dealing with a pesky toothache:

Just split open a nutshell, dig out the meat but be sure to keep the two items intact. Put a dead spider in one half and close up the shell. Hang it around your neck and as long as you’re wearing it, no more toothaches. (This one is not for me).  Now for a really ancient hiccup cure:

The ancient Chinese were ahead of their time in dealing with hiccups.  They suggested to gulp nine swallows of water without taking a breath.  You should at the same time press a spot on the back of your neck where it meets the torso.  Modern scientists later determined that was actually the location of the phrenic nerve which when pressed can  stop the impulse to hiccup.

Wart remedies are one of my favorites.  When I was a kid I had a wart on my index finger that would not go away and it drove me crazy.  An elderly Slovak lady who lived in my neighborhood told me to cut a potato in half. Then take a penny and rub both sides of it on the potato halves.  Next I was to rub the penny on the wart using both sides of the coin.  Finally I was to throw the penny away where it could never be found by anyone.  I followed her instructions to the letter and within two week the wart dried up and fell off. I was dumbfounded.

I certainly don’t recommend or endorse any of these ancient remedies, just passing them along as a public service.  Some are silly, some don’t work and some do but either way they’re still interesting.

Have a wonderful Cough and Cold season and save all those stinky socks.

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Do you ever use sarcasm as a means to quiet people who irritate you? Have you ever been accused of being a lesser person because your sarcastic?   Do people that don’t understand sarcasm cause you to step back a bit and begin to wonder what it was early in their life that they missed?  If you said yes to any of these questions then you are probably an honest-to-God quick witted and funny person like me.

It’s time for those of us blessed with superior sarcasm skills to stand up with our heads held high and proclaim to the world "I’m sarcastic, your not, life sucks so deal with it.”  Jealousy is a terrible thing and if I remember correctly it is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and not something to be all that proud of.

I’ve often been accused of being “a sarcastic SOB” and I’ve put up with the ignorant and sometime condescending comments for years. I’ll no longer tolerate that kind of treatment by anyone ever again. No more Mr. Nice Guy, "I’m sarcastic, it isn’t going to change, so either get over it or stay the hell away from me.” 

I began developing my sarcasm superpower at age ten when I discovered that I could deflect parents, adults, and bullies with sarcasm which in turn kept me from being beaten, spanked, and bothered. It didn’t always work but I decided I needed to develop the skill  further because it had real potential.

In junior high school I tried to get along with my first and only bully. Unfortunately I was a bit of a runt which allowed the bully to think I was stupid, weak, and non threatening. As we all know most bullies love to target someone who is weak or appears to be weak for constant ridicule and physical intimidation.   My bully was three years older than me, had been left back a couple of times, out weighed me by forty pounds, and fortunately for me was as dumb as a bag of rocks. 

I remember clearly the first time I used sarcasm on him. When I told him sarcastically, “You must think your the biggest, badest, and smartest SOB in this effing school?”. He appeared to be flattered and just couldn’t stop grinning and swaggering around the school yard. He actually thought I complimented him which instantly transformed me into a possible candidate to join his entourage of morons and suck ups.  I declined membership and after two years of being kicked around and having my possessions stolen, I was finally free to enjoy the rest of Junior High and High School without that asshole causing me further difficulties.  

I decided then and there that using wit, sarcasm, and glib remarks was a valuable tool and became determined to refine it and become “All I could be”.  If used properly along with smiles and clever conversation it can also get you laid every so often which was a accidental and pleasant discovery.  That in itself justified all of the time and effort I put into becoming a virtual “sarcasm machine”.

As always when I write about things I try to research the meanings of the words I’m using.  The alleged intellectuals responsible for compiling dictionaries and encyclopedias describe sarcasm very clinically and for  the most part in a negative fashion:

In sarcasm, ridicule or mockery is used harshly, often crudely and contemptuously, for destructive purposes. It may be used in an indirect manner, and have the form of irony, as in "What a fine musician you turned out to be!" or it may be used in the form of a direct statement, "You couldn’t play one piece correctly if you had two assistants." The distinctive quality of sarcasm is present in the spoken word and manifested chiefly by vocal intonation . . .

Hostile, critical comments may be expressed in an ironic way, such as saying "don’t work too hard" to a lazy worker. The use of irony introduces an element of humour which may make the criticism seem more polite and less aggressive. Sarcasm can frequently be unnoticed in print form, oftentimes requiring the intonation or tone of voice to indicate the quip.

Viewing sarcasm as a negative really doesn’t get to the truth of it.  There are some people, highly intelligent and educated, who just don’t get sarcasm.  I try not to be disrespectful during those occasional conversations with them because I never want to be perceived as mean or rude.  I like a lot of laughter in my life and when the people around me don’t bring anything to the table then it’s up to me to create some and I do, sometimes at their expense.


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I decided that today would be my day of rest and relaxation.  I’ve spent most of the last week continuing my bedroom remodeling project.  The electrical has been rewired, Check! The insulation has been repaired, replaced, and a vapor barrier installed, Check!  The new framing for the closet and bedroom entry way has been completed, Check!  The room as been cleaned to within an inch of it’s life, Check! Most of the tools and excess materials have been removed, Check!  And last but not least, I’m just sick of working on it, Double Check! I’ve decided that after I hang the drywall over the next couple of weeks I’m done.  It’s time to call in the professionals to install the hardwood floor and the rest of the finish work.

Today is for vegging, reading, loafing, and doing huge amounts of nothing. The better-half has a day off and will be on a shopping safari with her daughter for a quite a while.  What does that mean? It means peace and quiet for a few hours. No loud annoying C & W music, no banging and clanging of pots in the kitchen, and no repeated requests for help. Just a good book, a comfy chair, and a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee. . . .

It’s later now and I’m pleased that I was able to read almost a hundred pages of my book without interruption.  The cat gave up trying to get my attention about an hour ago and has found a soft spot on the couch across the room to crash. Every so often he opens one eye to make sure I’m still there but I think he’s beginning to understand it’s his day off as well. . . .

Darkness has now fallen and my better-half has returned with a medium size load of purchases.  I’ve been officially granted limited access to her woman-cave this evening to construct a chair she recently purchased.  She claims it’s a chair that will be kept there just for me to use during my occasional visits.  I get that old feeling she’s telling me what she thinks I want to hear to get the job done.  Maybe I’m being a little cynical but I’m not really offended.  I just count my blessings that I’m permitted to visit the place at all.  It’s like being offered a private visit to Disneyland. . . .

The chair is now built and we’re having a drink to celebrate. We’re discussing current events and any other meaningless things we can think of.  The lasagna is cooking, the drinks are cold, the chair is easy on my backside, and life is good.  I guess I’m just easy to please at times.

We decided to watch a movie before retiring for the night and as usual within twenty minutes I’m watching the movie and she’s lightly snoring on the couch.  I’ll wait a while before I wake her which shouldn’t be too long because this movie, Beowulf, is one of the worse things I’ve ever seen.  I’d rather be getting my teeth drilled  than watch anymore of it. Just freaking awful.

I guess there’s no such thing as a perfect day so I’ll take what I can get. I’ve learned over the years to enjoy the good, try to ignore the bad, and keep on moving on.

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