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Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?  Over the years I’ve listened to hundreds of thousands of songs without any problems whatsoever.  I’ve listened to Jazz, Pop, Hard Rock, and yes even Opera.  I’ve avoided when possible Hip-Hop, Rap, and the old style Country and Western songs because I just don’t care for them.  There are a few exceptions to that list of course but not many.

I live with my better-half who is obsessed with music, singing, dancing, and humming songs almost constantly.  It can be really annoying if you ever crave absolute peace and quiet like I do at times. Every once in a while as I’m listening to music I also find myself unable to disconnect completely.  It’s maddening because I find it interfering with my everyday activities.  I’ve been in conversations with people and as I’m listening to them speak I begin to hum to myself and I can hear the lyrics in my head very clearly.  Then I begin to tap my toe to the music and then suffer from the almost uncontrollable urge to dance.  It takes all of my will power not do anything stupid and embarrass myself.  This has occurred in the past not just in casual conversations but important business conversations as well.

My mother passed away last year and as I was sitting in the church with my sister listening to the priest drone on and on I had the song "What a Man" by Salt and Pepa echoing through my head.  Why? I have no freaking idea but it was actually better than listening to that priest and thinking about my mom’s passing.

On one occasion I was driving to Pittsburgh to visit family which is eleven hours of sheer boredom.  For a large part of the trip through Pennsylvania there is little or no acceptable radio stations to listen to.  Unfortunately I also forgot my IPod and was limited to one CD I found under my seat.  For the rest of that trip and for the  next week the song, "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood drove me freaking crazy.

When I’m cooking I find myself humming and occasionally singing various songs by Luciano Pavarotti in Italian no less.  How weird is that? I love opera but it’s not something I want to hear over and over again.

This problem isn’t limited to good music but also to really bad songs and a few truly annoying television commercial theme songs. The theme songs are the absolute worst.  Lately it’s been that stupid commercial with the Korean version of Richard Simmons singing some stupid song that I don’t even understand while he hops around the screen in a pukey green sport coat with a bunch of pistachios.  I ‘d look up the name of the song for you but what’s the point, I hate that stupid song.

I think the worst part of this problem is that once I capture a song in my head, it’s there forever. I have quite a long list of tunes that show up unannounced at the weirdest times to entertain me. I may be forced to involve myself with some sort of meditation program that will allow me to sit quietly and purge my mind of all this nonsense.  Maybe I’ll become a Buddhist monk where I can spend my time in quiet self-reflection in an attempt to make these evil music demons go away.

As I’ve been writing this I’ve been humming "Three Time a Lady" by Lionel Richey.  Someone please help me!

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I have a few things that really bother me. I’m sure you do as well just like everyone else. I try not to let them make me too crazy but there are times I could just scream.  Nothing really too earth shattering but just a number of little things that nag at me when I have time to sit and think about them. See if you agree.

Vegans – Why do certain people think that  refusing to eat meat or fish makes them special.  To be a true vegetarian and to stay healthy requires taking vitamin supplements.  I love veggies as much as the next guy but only a fool could believe all the hype we’re constantly hearing.  Get a clue people. Human beings are classified as omnivores for a reason.  We’ve developed to the top of the food chain because of our ability to survive and flourish by eating a variety of both meats and vegetables.  Extremes of any kind tend to be a problem for me and this is the perfect example. Oh yeah one more thing,  if you’ve ever spent any time at all around Vegans you know their farts are the worst.  Eat a burger stinky.

Organic food – This may be the biggest scam going.  Slapping an organic label on just about anything gives companies the right to increase prices by at least thirty percent.  I’m enough of a skeptic to believe that no checking is really done to verify those claims.  Maybe in the future when I make homemade salsa, pickles, apple butter, and other products I’ll label them as organic.  It wouldn’t be totally true but who cares.  It’s all about making certain people feel like their eating healthy and making them pay for the privilege.

Pre-owned Cars – This is politically correct BS that just makes me crazy.  Truth in advertising be damned.  A freaking used car is a freaking used car. It’s not pre-owned or anything else.  I suspect that once used cars became pre-owned the price just may have suddenly increased overnight.  I’d like to meet the fast talking used car salesman that came up with that idea.  He should be arrested and then beaten severely about the head and shoulders.

Decaf Coffee – I watched a middle aged and reasonably intelligent looking guy order a decaf coffee at a local donut shop recently and then watched the cashier write on the cup "Decaf".  He immediately told the cashier to add a turbo shot of expresso to it as well.  He must  be married to a woman who requires him to drink only decaf coffee which will help him live fifteen minutes longer.  He takes this approach so he can show her the cup to verify his purchase of decaf.  If people realized how most decaf coffee was made they’d never drink it again.  If you’re going to drink decaf, why bother drinking coffee at all.

Jehovah Witnesses – I’m not religious and having these folks show up unannounced and uninvited on my door step just pisses me off.  For years I’d just tell them to go away and stop bothering me.  Then I wised up and decided to play along with their routine.  On one occasion I was dressed only in a pair of shorts on one hot summer afternoon. A young man and a young woman showed up and I cordially invited them in. As I sat there half naked listening to a few minutes of their bible readings I then went into my routine. I began asking them for all kinds of sexual advice since I was having serious problems with both my wife and my mistress.  They were gone within minutes and I was never visited again while I lived there. It was fun too!

Push Up Bras – Let me qualify this one a little. I love shapely women or should I say I’ve loved shapely women but the trend these days with push-up bras is out of control.  The last thing I need to see is a fourteen year old teenage girl who has yet to develop hips running around with what little boobs she has pushed up until they’re damn near rubbing on her chin. Just as bad are the adult women who shall we say are well endowed to start with but then wear a push-up bra to make it creepy and nasty looking.  Stop the madness girls. Being a bit more subtle is way more sexier than what we’re seeing now.

These are just a few of the things that make me a little crazy.  I’ll bet anything that if you’re honest with yourself your list is much longer than mine.  Does my whining help fix these issues, not a chance. I have to admit it makes me feel a whole lot better venting to you.

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Do you have any addictions that your not too proud of?  I’m not talking about the regular run-of-the-mill addictions like drugs, booze, and sex but lesser known ones. This question came up while I was watching a television show called Strange Addictions. Not many shows have the capability to give me the creeps but this one did. These quirky addictions like eating dirt or dryer sheets to me aren’t really addictions. I’m not sure what the hell they are but OMG WTF is going in in this society when that needs to be broadcast to the world as entertainment.

I can understand wanting to bask in the glow of celebrity for fifteen minutes but apparently they are no ‘good taste’ limits anymore.  Who in the hell goes on national television to tell the world how screwed up they are? Their families must be so proud.  I’m also sure that some  person or group would immediately step forward to defend this behavior with all sorts of justifications that by talking about these issues it’s possible to help others.  I’m sorry but that sounds to me like a huge load of BS. Over the years I’ve developed one of the best BS detectors ever and I know when someone’s feeding me load of manure. By publicizing this odd and weird behavior nothing is truly being accomplished.  It’s just another P.T. Barnum moment when the suckers are drawn in by the weirdness and the creators of these shows walk away with a great deal of money in their pockets.

No one has ever approached me about my addiction.  My addiction is just as newsworthy as all of these others but I’ve yet to be offered a segment on any television show.  My addiction isn’t the least bit horrible or disgusting unless your a member of the Muslim religion.  So today is the day that I’m standing up and shouting out to the world that I’M ADDICTED TO BACON.  I’ve reached out to many people for help with little or no success.  It’s gotten so bad I’ve even considered coming out of my early retirement to buy property and open a pig farm.  Then I could have an endless supply of that beautiful, crunchy, salty, and flavorful food.

My addiction is real, not exaggerated for television.  I’ve lived with this for more than forty years and I’ll probably go to my death with the smell of bacon on my breath.  Bacon and eggs, BLT’s, and bacon bits are the high lights of my week.  I realize the dangers but I just can’t stop.  It was easier to quite smoking after twenty years than to give up my wonderful bacon addiction.

I just finished reading an article about a product that is to be released soon. While it won’t help me with my addiction it seems that many woman with the same addiction are soon to be made very happy. It’s nice to see that some companies are stepping forward with new products that have sadly been missing from our lives for far too long. Read on.

I don’t think this what Bill Gates had in mind when he offered $100,000 to someone to invent the next generation condom. Just when you though the bacon fad was fizzling out, J&D’s Foods –the same Seattle-based company that brought us the bacon coffin and bacon mayonnaise (all real products) — now has introduced Bacon Condoms that claims to "make your meat look like meat." As an added bonus, each condom is coated with its very own J&D’s baconlube.

From a press release: "Truly the new standard of animal protein themed prophylactics Bacon Condoms are proudly Made in America of the highest quality latex and rigorously tested to help ensure the utmost reliability and safety for when you’re makin’ Bacon."

And just when you hoped America’s bacon fad was dying out, the company is also releasing  Bacon Sunscreen. Why?  According to the release, "science has shown us that 10 out of 10 people prefer the smell of Bacon to coconut, which makes this the most anticipated new product of the summer." Please, put a fork in it.

Read more:

My life is now complete. If I buy these products it will not only greatly improve my sex life but the sex lives of bacon loving women everywhere.  Stand up and declare your addiction ladies and then call me.  Maybe we can get one of the networks to put us on the air and give us our fifteen minutes of fame.   (Sarcasm Off)

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I’m a bit tired today after yesterday’s drywall work.  If you’re expecting anything spectacular on this blog today you’re sure to be disappointed.  I often hear people on their blogs complaining about writer’s block. I’ve never had that problem but I seem to be suffering from a block for which I have no name.  It could possibly be called an ‘artists block’ or a ‘remodeling block’, or even a ‘get-the-hell-out-of-bed block’.  I’m feeling like a big giant lump with no motivation to do anything except write about how lazy I’m feeling.  Which for the record is mighty effing lazy. At the same time my mind is racing and I’m visualizing work that still needs to be completed on the remodel tomorrow.

Unfortunately for me when I’m working any kind of project I’m consumed not just by the work that I’ll be doing but by constant mental activity that I can’t turn off. It can also make sleeping extremely difficult.  Even after having my better-half tell me to take the day off, I struggle.  I should be relaxing and enjoying my down time but for me there is no real down time.

She’ll be talking to me about work or family and if I’m lucky I may get every other word or just a general idea of what the subject matter is.  I suspect she thinks I’m getting forgetful but that isn’t the case at all.  It also isn’t that I don’t care or I’m not interested, I’m just focused on my tasks at hand almost 100%.  It’s totally out of my control for the most part and it’s something I’ve resigned myself to dealing with.

Even as a kid I was consumed by my painting, sculpting, reading, and once I started something I kept at it until it was completed.  Especially my art work.  I’d start a painting and would work around the clock with little or no food or drink until it was finished.   I love that feeling of being in the moment and just staying there as long as possible is a real pleasure for me. 

At times I have difficulty getting a project started and will procrastinate a little. It’s not that I don’t want to do the project, it’s because I know that once I start I probably won ‘t be able to stop.  You could be in the same room with me and during those times you cease to exist. Even my surroundings in the room become a blur except for the piece I’m working on.  It can be maddening when interruptions occur  and I lose my temper and become difficult. 

I thought in my younger days that this compulsion would lessen as I grew older but it has not.  It’s been both a blessing and a curse over the years but I’m certain I would miss it if for some reason it just disappeared. I guess I’ll do my best to relax today but both my better-half and I know what I’ll be thinking about.  Tomorrows project.

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Another winter in Maine is finally taking it’s last freaking gasp and will soon be gone. I have only one thing to say to that, "Good-bye, Good Riddance, and Go Away".  In my opinion it’s overstayed it’s welcome by at least two weeks already.  It’s much like a house guest who stays too long causing you to start out liking them, then disliking them, and finally detesting them.

I’m sitting in bed refusing to get up and start another day with the same mind crunching routine which I’ve fallen into of late.  I first wake up slowly out of odd and strange dreams which usually amuse me, but not today. I make a bathroom pit stop, feed the cat, get my coffee, and return to the bed with my IPad.  As I begin writing I’m also thinking about my work list for the day and cringe a little.  After ten minutes I return to the kitchen for another cup of coffee and more visualization of the tasks ahead of me.

The room remodel has taken over my days but is much c.loser to completion than this time last week.  Ninety percent of the drywall has been installed with the final sheets in place by this coming Friday.  Then it’s a few days of sanding, priming,  painting, putting up the new fixtures, wall plugs, light switches and baseboards and then DONE.

In order to complete these kinds of projects you really must have the proper motivation or it could stall and never be completed.  That’s the job of my better-half. I’ve called her many things over the years but for right now she’s my motivator.  Part of her skill set is knowing just when to tweak my nose about things to restart my engines and then haughtily walk away pretending she doesn’t care in the least.  Some people might call that passive-aggressive, but not me. I call that motivation with a twist. For example I hear things like this, "Oh honey the room is really shaping up and the drywall looks amazing.  It always surprises me that you are able to do this work as well as you do. It looks like there’s a bit of a gap between those two sheets.  Is it supposed to be that wide? Will it make the drapes I just bought look like their hanging crooked? Don’t forget to fix that before we start painting."  And so it goes!

She has no subtlety at all.  She started a week ago arriving home from her shopping trips with questions about what furnishings would look best in the new room.  What kind of older, cool looking vanity she would purchase for her huge collection of makeup and lotions.  She dragged me out one day to just visit a few stores for an hour or so.   I ended up looking at throw rugs and other assorted furnishings for the new room.  She’s about as subtle as a hand grenade.

Regardless of all the gamesmanship the room will be completed at least two weeks ahead of schedule.  Hooray for me because I’ve been assured and promised there would be no more major projects until next Fall.  The translation of that promise is actually this, "Honey, I think the living room is looking too peachy. I’m really sick of that color and maybe we should change it out before any of the summer guests arrive.  What do you think?

Like I said, subtle!

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Probably my favorite pass time is reading.  If I have a free moment I almost always have a book with me or nearby to pick up and read. It’s been this way since I was ten years old when as I was walking home from school one afternoon and saw a box of books sitting at the end of a neighbors driveway for trash pickup.  I stopped for a few minutes and began looking through them. Up until that time I’d been reading the occasional Edgar Rice Burroughs paperback of which there were many.  They were a quick and easy read for a young kid and I really enjoyed them.  I can’t even guess how much of my meager allowance went towards those books.

As I continued to scrounge through the box I found one that caught my eye.  It was an old copy of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.  I stuck the book into my bag, took it home, and relished every word in it.  I sailed around the world with Captain Nemo on the Nautilus and deep sea dived in every ocean with his crew.  I kept that book for many years but unfortunately while I was away serving my country it was discarded by my mother with most of my other books.

I’m reading more now than ever before but things are changing dramatically.  With the advent of the Kindles and Nooks and the thousands of available ebooks it’s hard to  keep up at times.  As much as I love my Kindle, Nook, and IPad I can’t completely switch over from reading real actual books.  I’ve really tried hard to make the change completely to digital  but it’s seems impossible for me.  When I read to relax the process of reading an actual book gives me great comfort.

I’ve always given my business to those small discount book stores that can be found if you really want to search them out.  Every three or four weeks I visit a small one near my home to bring back books, get a credit, and buy another bag full. After my visit last week I find myself feeling very sorry for the proprietor.   We’ve become friends over the years through our mutual love of books. He’s a former reference book author with many titles to his name and has settled in for the last few years of his working life to run his bookstore. He fears that the digital revolution in reading will eventually put him out of business and has resigned himself to that fact.  He’d planned to run his store after retirement but that no longer seems a valid option.

I hope he’s wrong but that’s just nostalgia talking.  I can’t imagine sitting with a young child on my knee and reading to him or her from a Kindle.  The act of touching a book, turning the pages, and introducing a young child to millions of new experiences is the ultimate gift and I look forward to doing just that for my better-half’s  new grand child.  My better-half while not much of a reader has kept every children’s book she ever purchased for her kids who are all grown and gone.  She understands the importance of those precious moments she shared with each of them as she read to them.  We have a huge library of children’s books which have been stored for many years in the attic in anticipation of the expected grand children. They were unpacked and dusted off soon after her daughter announced her pregnancy last year.

I hope that books survive these modern day changes and in all honesty I’m not sure they will.  Maybe it’s just me refusing to accept change. The best thing I can do is to pass my love of books and reading on to the new generations and hope they do the same with their children and grand children. If that happens then books will continue to survive and be enjoyed by many more generations of readers.

We can only hope!

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Do you have termites?  Are you aware of termites?  If you answered yes to those two questions then you are eligible to participate in Termite Awareness Week celebrated between March 25-29.   Another of those socially responsible and politically correct observances that no one ever pays attention to.  I really don’t have more more to say in the matter since it’s a totally ridiculous observance.  I just thought it was my civic duty to make everyone aware.  What’s the point in having observances if no one is observing.

I’m about to rant a bit about a few things political so those of you with your heads in the sand may want to go elsewhere. This morning my better-half and I made the mistake of going food shopping at a local establishment.  I hope your all as happy as I am to see the food prices continuing to skyrocket.  It was also a good week for bad news for those of us on a fixed income. Medicare costs are climbing at a rate well beyond food costs, gas prices are climbing to near $4.00 a gallon, and my taxes are going through the roof. Am I I permitted to complain and bitch or is that against the rules these days. My Medicare Supplemental program just advised me that my monthly premiums will be increased approximately 55% in the coming months along with most of the deductibles and co-pays.  Just good news all around thanks to the skilled crafters of the Obamacare Medical Plan and the big “O” himself.

My doctor of 12 years announced a month ago that he and his wife (also a doctor) had sold their practice and were leaving the country.  It was no longer possible for them to afford to stay here under the preposterous government mandated Obamacare increases and restrictive rules.  Remind me to thank the effing President for nothing except maybe destroying the countries healthcare system and the economy in one fatal swoop.

I hope all of you Obama supports will line up at the polls in a few years to help elect him for a third term.  I figure he’s been working diligently to find a way to bypass the constitution once again and make himself President/King/Dictator for life.  Then we can show the world what a second rate country we really are becoming with our own version of Hugo Chavez.

What a freaking nightmare!

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I had a relatively interesting day today. I was able to accomplish a few things that weren’t planned and somehow those always seem the best. People joke about spontaneity when discussing love and personal relationships but you never hear it in relation to other things.  I have to admit that everything usually returns to people relationships but every once in a while it’s possible to be pleasantly surprised by an unplanned encounter.

My first spontaneous conversation and introduction to someone new occurred this morning.  On a regular basis I turn into a recycling, take care of the environment, conscientious "Greenie".  Every few weeks or so I trek to a place to recycle bottles, cans, and plastic containers.  It’s one of my assigned duties from my better-half to religiously collect all this crap, save it in large bags, and then deliver it for CASH.  All of a sudden I didn’t mind recycling if there was cash involved.  I agreed to this chore as long as all those nickels remained in my pocket and not into the household general fund.  And so began my adventures in doing my part to save the freaking environment.

I manage  to make about $20.00 every six weeks thanks in great part to my better-half’s beer bottle contributions and a great number of plastic water bottles.  Truth be told it’s a huge pain in the ass but I do it to keep peace in the household which makes the effort worthwhile.  Also the cat loves it because all of my pet related expenses are paid for from this small but important fund.  If by chance we have a party or a lot of visitors during the summer months I might even I be able to embezzle enough of the cat fund for the odd bottle of gin.  Don’t tell the cat because he’s a major league nag and I’d never hear the end of it. Any purchases that aren’t Fancy Feast or special treats will really make him hard to live with.

So I arrive at the recycling center which is a cross between a gigantic, stinky and smelly garbage can and a college frat house on Sunday morning. It truly is a disgusting place where no one stays any longer than necessary.  As I enter the building dragging two huge bags of containers I bump into Ryan, the man in charge.  In his twenties, six foot three, 60’s hairdo (not quite a mullet), raggedy ass clothes, and an odor just a little less awful than the surrounding piles of bottles and cans that are apparently his entire life.  He manually sorts through my bags on a large table, plastic here, cans there, brown bottles over there, and white glass over here.  He never writes anything down but when he’s finished, he spends a few seconds on a calculator and hands me a credit slip with my total redemption amount.

I was extremely skeptical when I first started using this facility and for the first five or six deliveries I pre-counted them at home just to check their counting procedures.  I never found an error.  The guy is freaking amazing but always accurate.  I made the mistake today of starting a spontaneous conversation to see if I could distract him or trip him up in some way.  We talked for approximately ten minutes while he scurried around sorting and checking the containers.  He never missed a beat and his count was right on. The downside was the actual conversation because Ryan is really passionate about bottles and he spent those ten minutes telling me how he counts bottles and then a few war stories about some of his more unusual customers and their quirks.

I was trapped like a rat and couldn’t escape.  He held me captive and talked about empty bottles until I just wanted to scream. OMFG!  I now know way more than I ever wanted to know about his career choice and why he had the best job ever.  I picked up my credit slip and got the hell out of there.

It was a smelly and disgusting experience but interesting in it’s own way.  As a former business professional I always appreciated people who were passionate about their jobs.  My good buddy, Ryan, was as passionate about his job as anyone I’ve ever met.  He loves his job and tries desperately hard to excel at it.  He actually tries to supply friendly and smiling customer service in an a garbage pile atmosphere which is amazing in and of itself.

I now know I can finally stop pre-counting my contributions because my bottles and containers are in good hands with Ryan.  My cat need never worry about starving because Ryan is on the job.

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It’s time for another installment of totally useless information. Normally I supply true facts that are strange, ironic, or unbelievable.  Today I’m taking a page from the Main Stream Media who on a regular basis use the jokes told on late night television to gauge certain politicians standing with the American people.  I’ve never really understood that type of polling since most of the material used by Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, and O’Brien is written by professional writers hired and directed by their corporate owners. Of course, they’re all totally unbiased politically.

I like a good laugh and joke as much as the next guy so I’ll pass these tidbits along simply as fun "one liners".  Since this country thrives on "sound bites" this style of humor is all the rage.  I need to enter a disclaimer here because I’m reasonable sure that all of these items are untrue. Enjoy them for what they are, just silly and stupid jokes.

  • Einstein estimated that his Theory of Relativity  got him laid more than one hundred times.
  • The United States border with Mexico is over 2000 miles long but only six inches wide.
  • Montana is the only state where "horseplay" is illegal.
  • Ninety six percent of all wrong numbers involve a guy saying, "Larry?"
  • Scientists who’ve been studying pigeons agree that they’re definitely up to something.
  • In Westchester, NY, there is a barber named Tony DeBarber.
  • Newton’s Fourth Law states "No fat chicks".
  • Christopher Welden of Columbus, OH, is the only person ever to actually "laugh all the way to the bank".
  • While their still not allowed to drive cars, as of May 2006, Saudi Arabian women may operate riding lawn mowers.
  • During a screening of Neil Simon’s The Goodbye Girl at the Vatican, someone asked the Pope to remove his hat.
  • When held by a person more than seven feet tall a ladle is just called a "spoon".
  • In response to continued complaints the Campbell’s Soup company  has removed the letter "F" from their alphabet soup.

Well there you have it. The first dirty dozen useless tidbits that might just make you smile but there are certainly no guarantees.

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I’ve been listening to the political reporting very closely for the last few weeks and I’m seeing a number of things occurring that I warned everyone about more than a year ago.  I can go into the specifics but I suspect it will do little or no good and a total waste of my time.  Most of the people in this country have gotten too fat and far too comfortable to listen or believe what the Obama administration has been doing. They continue their relentless attack on our civil rights or what rights “We the People” have left. 

I won’t get into the abuses of the NSA in the monitoring and collection of information on all of us under the guise of combating terrorists.  Or the use of anti-gun rhetoric to collect more private information to add to the federal databases.  They know that an attempt to ban or collect guns could create an uprising they couldn’t control and even possibly cause an outright rebellion.  So they do the next best thing which is to scare the gun owners and manufacturers into agreeing to more intrusive background checks, gun registration, and other steps. This makes it much easier for Big Brother Obama to then track gun owners, their guns, and to collect as much additional personal information as they can.

I’ve watched Obama and his administration totally ignore and disregard the constitution since stepping into the office of the Presidency. I’ve also watched the Main Stream Media ignore almost every occasion in which attempts were made to violate the Constitution. Even the liberal leaning courts have given up our rights without flinching. Is this the beginning of the end of the United States as we know it? It’s a slippery slope when we allow our civil rights to be steadily worn away by greedy and conniving politicians out to feather their own nests.

The constitution apparently has lost the respect of many of the American people who seem more concerned with what they can leech out of the government rather than respecting how this country was created. I never took the term “nanny state” too seriously until recently. I’m sure our fore-fathers are spinning in their graves with what is occurring in the nation they founded. Listen to our first president and then look at what’s happening in our country now.

“The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and alter their constitutions of government. But the constitution which at any time exists, until changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole people, is sacredly obligatory upon all.”

George Washington (1732-1799) Farewell Address 09/17/1796

When the left tries to influence public opinion it’s always “about the children”.  Everyone is willing to give up more tax dollars and their civil rights to protect the children.  What will happen to the children in twenty years when the government finally takes complete control of this country and suddenly reminds you, you no longer have any rights.  It will too late then.

Just saying again.

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