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I thought I’d try a quick posting from my IPad this morning. Our trip to Maryland was uneventful and the weather was moderately crappy. Rain, fog, and accident delays were the norm and I’m here to tell that a trip south on the Garden State Parkway leaves a lot to be desired.

Being in New York and New Jersey gives a whole new meaning to people watching. Normally I dislike stopping too often but I’m willing to make an exception here. Just stop, have a coffee, and observe. It could easily become a full time job.

Well, I need to get moving this morning to prepare for the evenings festivities. I’m already ahead of the game today because I find myself hangover free. Who knew that would happen. A few low octane margaritas are a good way to go where you can have that little taste of tequila without the normal devastating consequences.

Tonight should be interesting since my better-half purchased for me a bright red Christmas T-shirt I’m expected to wear. I only like making an ass of myself if I’m properly inebriated so I’ll have to work on that I suppose. Enjoy the rest of your weekend because the Christmas countdown continues unabated

Posted December 8, 2012 by Every Useless Thing in Just Saying

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