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I feel so blessed today.  In less than two weeks I survived the Storm of the Century and then almost immediately I survived that asteroid that just missed us.  I’m a bit of a science nerd and will read anything remotely related to NASA or space travel.  I was certainly intrigued when the announcement was made a few weeks ago that an object of this size would do the closest   fly-by of the earth ever recorded.

I know just enough about our government and it’s propaganda arm to be a little concerned and skeptical when they say there was no chance of a collision.  In my opinion if they were aware that a collision was imminent they wouldn’t tell us anyway.  Anarchy and panic would certainly occur if that kind of an announcement were ever made.

So I sat patiently before my TV watching the asteroid live and in black and white as it zoomed on by almost directly over Indonesia. The NASA channel in it’s continuously boring fashion with absolutely no sound and with unrecognizable pictures did nothing to put my mind at ease.  After the meteor strikes over Russia the previous day I wasn’t completely convinced we had nothing to worry about.

I suppose the day will arrive eventually when a huge one will hit us and I pray it’s thousands of years from now when technology will hopefully make it a non-problem.  I’m not sure about many things but I’m reasonably confident that it will occur someday.  I sure hope I’m not around to see it.

Enough about the damn asteroid.  How about hearing some completely boring and useless information about my returning again to my remodeling project. I finally reframed the new opening that will eventually lead into my bedroom and I left the drywall intact to keep the dirt and dust from filling the rest of the house. One more bit of framing on the closet and I’ll be ready to begin hanging dry wall.  I’ve been taking my time with this damn project but I’m still ahead of the schedule I set for myself.  I just wish working with drywall wasn’t so messy.  I spend more time cleaning up than actually constructing anything.

I also spent a couple of hours going through a few hundred photographs taken during the last snow storm.  Some of them are very cool especially those showing my better-half on her maiden voyage with that big red snow thrower. I caught that look of sheer panic on her face as she began and later the big smile on her face as she conquered her fears and really started enjoying herself.  Pretty damn cool if I do say so myself.  I used the first photo as my new screensaver because it makes me smile every time I see it.

We’re having visitors tonight with one of them being the new grand child.  Eat dinner, a few games of Hearts, and some quality time with the little guy. Not too bad at all.

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  1. Well, now there is no reason for you to get up early to deal with the snow! Your”better half” can clean the drive before she goes to work!

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