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I woke up early this morning and I’m now lying in bed drinking my first cup of coffee. I’m looking out the window at all of the wonderful snow we received overnight.  A few minutes ago I watched my neighbor who lives further back in the woods from us walking along his driveway dressed like an eskimo.  Every morning at exactly 7:00 am he walks from his house to the road to pick up his daily newspaper.  He must be strictly regimented because he varies no more than a minute or two each day.  Exactly fifteen minutes later he again walks to the road with his little daughter and waits with her for her school bus.

Are you also a “creature of habit”?  I think we all are in one way or another and may not even be aware of it at times.  My cat just walked by the bed on his way to continue his patrol of the house.  He is the poster cat for the term “creature of habit”.  He in turn through his actions requires me to become part of his daily routine. 

Every morning starting at 6:00 am he starts his nagging for food.  He knows that after a certain period of time I’ll be forced from sheer annoyance to get my lazy ass up and feed him.  This pattern started ten years ago when he and I were living the wild and crazy bachelor lifestyle in good old Sanford, Maine, a well known area for wild nightlife and  many unexplained deaths from sheer boredom. Once we moved to Saco, Maine it took him more than a month to adapt to the new home and surrounding circumstances.  I made the same adjustment in a matter of days.

Apparently our adaptability to change is based solely on intelligence not cuteness.  If it was based on cuteness then I’d have adjusted even quicker.  In case you’ve forgotten I am one cute SOB.

My better-half is the ultimate creature of habit and sometimes it’s even in a good way.  She has a radio in every room of the house and cannot bear to have a moment of quiet.  As she moves from room to room she turns on the radio upon her arrival.  There have been times when she’s had multiple radios playing in different areas of the house.  This pattern of behavior apparently started many years ago long before my arrival on the scene.  My assumption is that it was her way of accomplishing three things.  First she loves listening to music, second it drowned out the noise from her three children, and thirdly it blocked any unnecessary conversations with her ex-husband.  Remember that is my assumption which she is certain to disagree with.  Just so you know she was reading this over my shoulder and has already disagreed loudly with my assumptions.

Even the birds who visit our home three or four thousand times a day have their habits and patterns.  I can set my watch by a large and annoying woodpecker who appears twice a day at the same time to eat the suet we provide.  The blue jays appear as well at a different times to avoid the woodpecker.  All of the smaller birds schedule themselves appropriately to avoid the woodpecker and the blue jays. Everyone and everything has patterns that coincide neatly with everyone else’s.  It’s just simply the way of things and something we have little or no control over.

So, as you’re going about your daily routines, stop every so often and think about your habits and patterns and how comfortable they make you feel. We do them for a reason whether we like to admit it or not.  As young people we develop habits that interlock with the habits of our family.  As soon as we introduce others to our life we immediately fit them into the nitch we’ve created for them.

Is it any wonder we all seem to love jigsaw puzzles.  They’re a mass of varied and odd pieces that combine into a finished and complete picture.  Our lives are much the same.

So I’m being forced from my bed by both the cat and my better-half to feed one and snow blow for the other.  I guess that confirms me as a true “creature of habit” with a little help from my friends.

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