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Are you prepared for April Fools Day?  It’s another one of those waste-of-time observances that the United States has become so famous for.  I love practical jokes as well as the next guy but anyone who’s fooled on April Fool’s Day isn’t too bright.  If I wanted to truly prank someone it would be unannounced and unexpected but that’s just me.

I have to admit there is one observance I’ve discovered for April 1st that I could possibly get onboard with. St. Stupid’s Day has been celebrated for thirty five years this year in the most appropriate place you could imagine, San Francisco.  The ‘City By the Bay’ is well known for some of the most ridiculous stunts and political decisions ever. This also includes it’s intimate relationship with the country’s most ridiculous political family, Jerry Brown Sr. and Jerry Brown Jr. or Governor Moonbeam to his friends.

San Francisco is well know for it’s far left approach to almost everything and just when you thought you’ve heard and seen it all, they come up with something even more absurd.  The left coast (well named) has over the years been the cause of much laughter and ridicule brought on by their approach to almost everything.  Here’s a short blurb with a few facts about their St. Stupid Day celebrations.

The Saint Stupid’s Day Parade is an annual parade that takes place in San Francisco on April 1st. The somewhat anarchistic parade was founded by Ed Holmes (aka Bishop Joey of the First Church of the Last Laugh) in the late 1970s. If April 1st falls on a weekday, the parade starts at the foot of Market Street and follows a well established route through the financial district. If April 1st falls on a weekend, the parade starts at the Transamerica Pyramid, proceeds up Columbus Street and ends at Washington Square. The parade begins promptly at noon. Participation in the parade is open to the public and silly costumes are encouraged.

The following list of headlines were obtained from recent articles found in the San Francisco area newspapers. Just reading them will tell you all you need to know about why St. Stupid’s Day belongs in California and San Francisco in particular.

  • Public Sex Exposed This Woman’s Worker’s Comp Fraud
  • Taxidermist Puts Stuffed Animals In Silly Outfits
  • Thugs Throw Milkshake In Woman’s Face, She Throws $2,000 Back
  • This Is A Fork Used To Eat Human Flesh
  • San Francisco City Official Consults Ouija Board Before Vote
  • This Vibrator From 1906 Could Have Been In Your Great-Grandmother
  • First Surrogate Otter Mom Dies
  • He’s A 36-Year-Old Virgin Who’s Fathered 14 Kids
  • Top 10 Haunted Houses In America
  • Muppet-Themed Bar Opens In San Francisco
  • A Picnic Table Bigger Than A Football Field Assembled In 30 Seconds
  • Do You Love Nature? Take The Next Step — Go ‘Ecosexual’
  • Gay Softball League Limit On Straight Players OK’d

Need I say more?  I don’t think so.  So wake up bright and early tomorrow and be prepared to act even more stupid than usual.  Unfortunately I’m reasonably sure the parade won’t be televised, sorry!

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