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I sometimes think that the human race is just plain nuts.  Not every individual person but a huge majority of us. It seems we can’t have three people talking together for more than a few minutes before information is exchanged concerning other people’s odd beliefs or some of the more universal conspiracy theories.

I like a good conspiracy as well as the next person but in my heart of hearts I still think that almost all of them are stupid and ridiculous.  My theory is that the more leisure time people have the more of these stupid theories seem to appear.  It’s not just the good old standbys like the Kennedy assassination, the fake moon landing, or 9/11.  We seem to have a perverse need for a never ending supply of this nonsense so we have something to talk and bitch about.  Big Labor, Big Wall Street, Big Business, and Big Drug Companies seem to prompt conspiracy theories directly in proportion to the frequency which politicians preach to us about the inequities between rich and poor in this country.  Blame it on somebody who is not them.

It astounds me that so many educated people will immediately buy into some of the strangest premises without attempting to verify anything.  Many of the silliest conspiracies are constantly being promoted my members of academia at all education levels.  Many of them seem to think that every thought that comes into their head is the gospel truth and can’t be disputed.  They then subtly pass their silly beliefs to the children they’re responsible for educating giving the ideas a bizarre sort of immortality.  It keeps them alive as each new class of students is indoctrinated anew.

Let me list a few more for you; technology conspiracies with implanted chips and mind control,  the hidden agenda behind the HIV virus, global surveillance, the New World Order, and the many and varied religious conspiracies which are too numerous to mention.  Roswell and the UFO cover-up are right up there too with any and all assassinations i..e. JFK, MLK, John Lennon, and a host of others. Almost anything the Government touches immediately becomes a hidden agenda or conspiracy.  This is probably a good thing because it keeps us on the alert for government abuses both real and imagined.

Be aware of what you are doing as well.   How often do your conversations with others deal with conspiracies or imagined abuses by almost every organization you can think of.  I began keeping track of my own conversations and I was amazed how quickly and how often I fell into the conspiracy trap. In my humble opinion we are nuts.  Human beings have great imaginations but if not properly focused they lead us into strange, weird, and dark places.  Will it ever stop? Not a chance or a prayer.

6 responses to “04-07-2013

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  1. Yeah, conspiracy theories can be entertaining, but some of them are just so bizarre … What is everyone smoking?

  2. Completely off our rockers…

  3. You’all can say what you want, but they are watching this blog as we speak and keeping notes….every body thought Obama was a hoax too!

    • What’s the worst thing that can happen? Lets see, raise my taxes? Raise my Medicare costs? Erode away what’s left of my civil rights? Take my guns? It can always be worse and you’d better believe it will be.

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