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Another Mother’s Day has come and gone and for the first time in my life I have no mother to celebrate with.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about that but when you have no choice you just muddle your way through.  I guess Mother’s Day has now become for me more a day of remembrance rather than a holiday.

I chatted briefly with my sister but I suspect she’s feeling the same way. Our actual feelings went unspoken during our conversation but we were both thinking the same thing.  Fortunately she has her daughter and two grandchildren to help her through this day.

Since my better-half’s sons both live out-of-state I knew I’d need to be there for her because I know how much she misses them. Fortunately her daughter and grandson live nearby and visited last evening to celebrate with her.  It was a nice night because it was her daughter’s very first official Mother’s Day and she was really excited about it.  One thing nicer than seeing the grandson growing up so fast is also seeing his mom turning into quite the woman and mother.

My better-half had to work today so I left the house early to do a little shopping.  I picked up two huge and beautiful steaks, a little wine, a very pretty potted flower, and a Mother’s Day card.  I know, she’s not my mother but that’s not really the point.  Being a Mom has always been the most important thing to her and her close relationship with her kids is everything. I don’t want her dwelling on the fact that they’re not able to be here so I need to do something a little special.

She arrived home to a cold drink, a big kiss, her flowers and my mushy choice of a card.  I did good!  I then took those two big beautiful steaks to the grill and turned them into something special.  Two inches thick and melt in your mouth wonderful.  Baked potatoes and fresh salad followed along with her favorite desert, a chocolate Nutty Buddy.  It can’t get much better than that for either of us.

Our day is winding down now, she’s talked to her Mom and her other siblings, and now she can relax and prepare for her two days off.  Good days are sometimes hard to find but not this one. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there, male and female alike.

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  1. Posted about my mom yesterday. check it out at wwwempowernetwork(dot)com/skinnycat. I’m treasuring the last days…

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