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Welcome back to the E.U.T. University the best known reservoir of totally useless knowledge. You’ll learn through our detailed courses of study many of the things that have puzzled mankind for centuries.  We’ll continue our course of study today with two more lesson plans for your archives.

Todays lessons concern two things which are generally known  but the true facts aren’t readily available.  Thanks to EUTU you are about to be made a little smarter than you were prior to this visit.

Lesson #3 – Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Once a human embryo has been conceived, no matter what its ultimate gender, it follows a female template, adopting all female characteristics, including nipples. After a number of weeks in this state, a certain gene in the mail embryo stimulates the production of the male hormone testosterone, which prompts the embryo to develop masculine qualities. While the nipples remain present they will not function the way that they would have had the embryo been supplied with female hormones.

Not only do male babies have nipples, but they also are born with breast tissue and milk ducts and glands. These are normally in operative, but, if men experience increased levels of the female hormone estrogen and a lack of testosterone, they can develop breasts like those of women and, in extreme cases, even perform lactation. Because men have breast tissue, they are at risk from breast cancer, albeit to a far lesser extent than women are.

It has been asked  why evolution has not done away with these superfluous male nipples. The common response is that, because diseases affecting the nipples are rare in men, there is no genetic imperative to do away with the nipple and so they remain.

So  watch out guys.  Stay away from those scary female hormones.  You’ve always known how  crazy they make women and it’s probably even worse for us men.  Not only can you grow boobs and lactate, you can also be stricken with breast cancer.  Count your blessings and stay away from that estrogen.

Lesson #4 – What is the Purpose of Pubic Hair?

The purpose of pubic hair is something that has been argued about for years. Even today, scientists are still unsure of its function.

One view is that pubic hair protects against friction during sexual intercourse, and provides cushioning for the pelvis in that area. Another view is that it provided insulation or our ancestors, although this is not widely held because of the lack of significant hair over the rest of our bodies. However, there is some support for the idea that the hair helps to regulate body temperature in the genital area which is particularly important for the production of sperm in men.

Pubic hair is curly because for some reason our sex hormones turn the hair follicles in that area into an oval shape, which in turn makes the hair an oval shape, causing it to bend. Straight hair grows from round follicles and is less prone to curliness.

That concludes today’s lessons and I hope you’ve found out a few new facts that have eluded you until now.  As before, break into study groups to further discuss and better understand the information you’ve been given. There will be tests in your future.


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  1. My education is now complete!

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