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Well we returned home at 9pm last night from our day and a half road trip to Rhode Island.  I was never so glad to be home.  Road trips in and of themselves can be fun but only if you have enough time to stop and smell the roses.  Anyone who tries to squeeze four or five days of activities into one day is out of their effing mind.

I can tell you from my experience yesterday that the last place you want to be on a hot summer Sunday in August is Newport, Rhode Island. Thousands of people jamming the streets and every business and building. You’d better not be the least bit claustrophobic because if you are you’re royally and supremely screwed.

There were so many pedestrians on the streets it was difficult to even drive a city block without issues. If you do somehow find yourself kidnaped by your spouse and her family members and taken there against your will, you have my sincerest sympathies.  If you go there voluntarily then you have some issues of your own to deal with.

Make sure you have plenty of cash with you as well.  Things are a little pricy and you’ll pay top price for everything.  Parking fees are utterly outrageous and insulting.  Restaurants will serve you huge portions of food that you’ll never be able to finish just so they have justification to jack the prices up as high as possible.

Do I sound angry? If I don’t then I’m not getting my point across.  My last visit to Newport was twenty years ago and I guarantee there will never be another.  The entire place offends my sensibilities and going back again is just out of the question.

There, I feel a little better after getting that off my chest.   Now I can allow my life to return to what I think is normal.  No more unorganized, hit or more miss, expensive, and un-fun outings.  I promise!

One other thing, any members of my better-half’s family who may read this, don’t take anything I’ve written too personally.  If you do, so be it.

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  1. Didn’t you get the parking ticket validated at CVS? 5 bucks!

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