07-07-2014 Journal Entry-Garden Madness!   Leave a comment

The monsoons  of Arthur have finally left this area and are on their way to Nova Scotia.  Three and a half days of rain were badly needed but OMG. My nice little garden and the better-half’s flower gardens look like the jungles of Vietnam.  It’s hard to believe that they can grow so quickly when doused with copious amounts of water. You’ll see with today’s photo’s that I may need a machete to get around in there.



I planted a variety of kale plants this year that a week ago were four inches high.  Today they measuring almost 14 inches.  I’ll be harvesting them sooner than expected and the freezer will be filled very quickly.



The herbs are out of control as well and it’s obvious I’ll be able to restock a large part of my dried herb collection and be more prepared than ever for the coming Winter.


I harvested almost three pounds of rhubarb seeds yesterday which I’m slowly drying in one of the cold frames. After a few days of direct sunlight they should be ready for storage until next Spring. I plan on planting as many as possible around the property because my goal is to have a huge patch of rhubarb within the next two years.


The better-half’s flowers are beginning to bloom everywhere.  The assorted colors of these day lilies makes picture taking a real pleasure. I especially love the dark red ones.




I normally plant three zucchini plants each year and harvest probably 5 or 6 zucchini’s per plant.  This year I was given a great deal on plants and ended up buying a few extra. As you can see I’ll be knee deep in zucchini in just a few weeks.


I’d like to keep posting but I’ve got three hours of weeding and general maintenance in that garden.  The better-half returns tomorrow morning from her trip and I’d like to get these tasks out of the way before then.

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