08-10-2015 Journal – Another Pickle Day!   Leave a comment

I think I’ve developed a real dislike for making pickles.  It’s a chore I’m expected to do every summer but I’ve lost some of my motivation this year. It all started last night when I placed forty pickling cucumbers into a lime bath. The lime is absorbed into the skin and helps keep the finished product a little crunchy.  I went to bed last night thinking about stupid pickles and everything I needed to do today.  Gather the jars, get the pots, mix the pickling syrup, and pick the jalapenos and other hot peppers from the garden.  Here’s the table at 7:30 am.


Next is the fun part (sarcasm).  A double wash in clean water to remove the excess lime and then slicing all of the cucumbers and peppers into usable sizes.  I’m normally good enough with the knife to only cut myself once or twice. You just can’t make pickles without a little bloodletting.



The worst part of making pickles is the packing of the slices into the jars.  I was bored enough at the start but this always annoys me somewhat. Without my better-half available to assist the process takes what seems like forever.


Once the jars are packed then the lids and bands are added. To insure a proper seal the jars are then placed into a boiling water bath for ten minutes. Once that’s done they’re set aside to cool.  As they cool you can hear a loud click from each jar as the seal is set. Then they’re labelled and stored on the pantry shelf.

DSC_0029‘Today’s Finished Product’

The following is a partial list of what we’ve produced so far this summer from both the garden and other sources (berry patches, eggs from neighbors etc.).   We aren’t bragging (maybe a little) but we do want to show how much can be harvested from a medium sized garden with a little compost and a lot of TLC.  This list will increase as the summer progresses and once I start cutting and drying the herbs.  Here goes.

2015 Summer Production

25 Pints of habanero B & B pickles
13.5 Quarts of Black Bean/Corn salsa
3 Pints of Tripleberry jam
8 Pints of Strawberry/Rhubarb jam
3 Pints of Strawberry jam
8 Pints of Blueberry jam
12.5 Quarts of Four Bean/Corn Chili
13 Pints of Habanero Dill Pickles
2 Quad Berry/Rhubarb Tarts
4 lbs. Diced and Frozen Rhubarb
3 Loaves of Chocolate/Zucchini Bread
3 Loaves of Spice Zucchini Bread
6 lbs. of Fresh Pea Pods
5 lbs. of Cherry Tomatoes
3 lbs. of Jalapeño Peppers
4 lbs.. of Assorted Hot Peppers
9 lbs. of Fresh Zucchini
10-15 lbs. of Assorted Lettuces


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