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‘At least the sunflowers are doing well.’

We been receiving a fair amount of rain in recent weeks which was certainly needed to keep the garden healthy.  It just seems to me to be “too little, too late”. This years garden has not been as good as we’d hoped but regardless we learned a few valuable lessons.  A different approach will be taken next year to eliminate a repeat of this years mediocre performance.

We’ve had some successes  and a few failures this year.  Most of my jalapeños and other hot peppers have flourished except for the Ghost peppers. I was hoping to harvest the seeds from them but It isn’t looking good.  I also planted a number of bell peppers of different colors and none of them are doing well.  The better-half had a few of them planted in containers on the deck and they seem just fine.  That tells me either the soil in the garden is lacking or I haven’t watered enough.


The cucumbers are a mix of good and bad. I planted three varieties of pickling cukes but they were either mislabeled or I’ve simply been ripped off. Pickling cukes are advertised as being smaller than the norm making it easier to slice and pack them into jars. Only about a third of the ones I planted this year have been the correct size. It’s frustrating and annoying as hell not to get exactly what you thought you paid for.


 Our first planting of radishes were awful.  They were hollow and pulpy and inedible. We’ve since planted a second batch which will hopefully be ready in a few weeks.


‘We have a million of these.’

Our healthy zucchini plants are doing extremely well as you can see. The better-half will be shredding as many of them as possible for freezing. We’ll be having zucchini bread all winter and that’s always a good thing.


Earlier this year when I was explaining about all of our problems with the visiting skunk, I was really happy when most of the plants that were dug up survived. It’s apparent now that the trauma and stress from the skunk damage ruined any chances for us to have what we’d consider a really successful garden.


I’ll begin the harvesting and drying of the herbs this week because in another month or so this years garden will be coming to an end.  We’ve already had discussions for next years garden plan and a soil test will first on the list of things to do.


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