06-23-2016 Journal – BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!   Leave a comment


As I rolled out of bed this morning I thought to myself “Are you crazy? It seems that most of my motivation has suddenly disappeared and I can’t find a really good reason to get up and get going. This happens occasionally and I’m not sure why but it does.

Normally after my first cup of coffee I can feel the energy level rising and I began mentally working through my list of things that need to be accomplished for the day. Unfortunately for most of us that list never seems to get any shorter and easier to complete. They say tomorrow is another day and that’s true enough, but it’s also true about the next To-Do list. So today may be one of those days where I just do as little as possible. Maybe an hour or two on the Xbox or an hour or two on the deck working on my tan or even taking a short ride to a nearby wildlife sanctuary. It’s very relaxing to wander through the woods and take a few pictures.


It’s been a week of computers for me and as much as I like working with them they tend to drive me insane.  I’ve finally converted all of the computers in our house, except for the iPads, to Windows 10.  It sounds so easy but it’s anything but. Before I ever get tempted to change an operational system again it would be easier to just discard the old computer and buy a new one. Microsoft has worked hard for years to make me a disgruntled customer and they’ve finally succeeded. Along with everything else they also alerted me this week that on June 30th they are discontinuing a software program that I’ve been using to blog with for almost four years. It’s by far the best blogging writer I’ve ever used and they just made a decision to do away with it.

Unfortunately for me the only really viable alternative is becoming an Apple user and I just can’t do that. In my opinion they’re overpriced and overrated so I’m stuck for now with Microsoft. I will be doing more research in the coming month to find alternatives and could very easily be convinced to dump Windows 10 and go to UNIX. If it’s even closely comparable to what I’m using now I’ll make the change in a heartbeat.


So I’m getting out of bed now, heading for the coffee pot for a second cup and maybe that will be enough to motivate me to do something worthwhile today. I wouldn’t count on it if I were for you.


Posted June 23, 2016 by Every Useless Thing in Bitch & Complain

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