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Fortunately I wasn’t around for WWII.  My father and uncle both served and had endless stories that they passed along.  Those stories prompted me to spend time learning about that war, how it came about, how it ended, and everything in between.

One thing that caught my attention was the Nazi propaganda machine and how effectively it was used to bamboozle the population and the rest of the world.  Hitler devoted three chapters of Mein Kampf to it and understood it’s effectiveness. His quote speaks volumes, “”I will provide a propagandistic casus belli (cause for war). Its credibility doesn’t matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth.”

On 13 March 1933, The Third Reich established the Ministry of Propaganda, appointing Joseph Goebbels as its Minister. Its goals were to establish enemies in the public mind: such as Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and Bolsheviks.


I wonder if copies of this photo are hanging anywhere in the halls of CNN or MSNBC.

These days the same sort of thing is being practiced on the American public in a somewhat different way. The Main Stream Media has made the choice to back all things liberal and the Democratic Party. At the same time the less-liberal  Media leans right to the conservatives and the Republican Party.  Both sides in this ideological battle are bombarding the voting public with biased propaganda like never before.  Taken to an extreme it has slowly morphed into a new but often used term, “Fake News”.   Minister Goebbels would be so pleased to know his legacy is alive and well and operating in of all places the great United States of American.

The Media has consistently saturated TV, Radio, Social Media, and as much of the Internet as possible. Is it any wonder the voting public doesn’t have a clue as to what’s really going on in this country.  Back in the day the Media’s job was to be a government watchdog for US (the voters) but things changed dramatically once most of the media companies were purchased by corporate America. Almost immediately the media began reporting things friendly to their parent companies  and it’s  political and business goals.  All of those lies of omission and the “Fake News” had made it almost impossible for the voters to trust anyone.

Common Sense has become a rare commodity in this country. After years of propaganda the public has decided to believe just about anything they hear.  There isn’t  a suspicion that they’re being lied to and influenced in one direction or another. It seems to me the propaganda works just as well today as it did in the 1930’s and 40’s.

When all trust has finally been lost, then what?  The choices are too grim to think about. Look what happened to the glorious Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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