08/25/2021 I’ve Seen The Light   Leave a comment

I would like to publicly announce that I’ve had a liberal Democratic epiphany. They’ve worn me down over the years and now I’m ready to convert to the dark side. As payment for my entry into their world of make-believe I’ve developed a sure-fire program to eliminate illegal immigration and all of the governmental costs associated with it. Ted Kennedy would be soooooooooooo proud of me.

My new program will be called the “Need It Now, Want It Now” or NITWIT program for all of you Democrats who survive only by creating cutesy names for tax eating government programs. It’s a three-step process beginning with the Presidential announcement that all border posts will be removed, all fences torn down, and all Immigration and Naturalization (ICE) employees will be terminated. The term *illegal immigrant” will be outlawed from use in the United States. Any Mexican or foreigner will automatically become a U.S. Citizen as soon as they set foot on our soil. See how simple it was for me to solve the illegal immigration problem. One sweep of King Biden’s magic pen. It worked so well for President Trump why not use it again.

Step two will involve the closing of 50% of the truck stops and rest areas on all main highways leading into the southwestern United States. They will be rebuilt along all of the major smuggling routes entering the US from Mexico. These way-stations will be placed every five miles on routes through the desert and be manned by the recently terminated ICE employees. These former employees will be given the opportunity to make amends to all of the new citizens by joining the army of diversity loving soldiers in the war on Mexican discrimination.

These way-stations will also be responsible for feeding, watering, clothing, and assisting all Mexicans making their way north to the land of “milk and honey”. Included at each way-station will be a Democratic Party voter registration booth where our new citizens can sign up, be given free food stamps, a map of the United States, and $500 in government chits to be used for food, drugs, or alcohol, their choice. They will also be introduced to their new adoptive American family in Step 3 of this program.

The third and last step of my new program will be called the “Citizen Recovery and Adoption Program” or CRAP for short. It will be mandatory that all families living within 500 miles of the southern border with Mexico be required to adopt a Mexican who will live in their home where they can become better acclimated to our country and society. Our citizens must house them, feed them, clothe them, educate them, and supply them with healthcare and spending money. They must be given a vehicle and sufficient money to buy gasoline so they can be free to roam around the country. The reward for each family’s participation will be a personal Thank-you note from President Biden.

When this program goes into effect I estimate an influx of approximately 40 million new Democratic Mexican voters within the first 5 years. This will allow the Democratic party to totally outnumber all other political parties and finally permit them to suck the life out of what remains of my country.


Posted August 24, 2021 by Every Useless Thing in Bitch & Complain

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