10/16/2021 Day Five – Lavatory Trivia   Leave a comment


  • The most impossible item to flush is a ping-pong ball.
  • The first toilet air freshener was a pomegranate stuffed with cloves.
  • Psycho was the first Hollywood film that showed a toilet flushing – thereby generating many complaints.
  • The idea of separate cubicles for toilets is a relatively modern invention; Romans, for example, sat down together in large groups.
  • The town Council of Cheltenham Spa once voted to replace the words Men and Women on their public toilets with Ladies and Gentlemen in order to” attract a better class of person.”
  • Before the invention of toilet paper, people use shells or stones, bunches of herbs or, at best, a bit of sponge attached to a stick, which they rinsed with cold water.
  • Hermann Goring refused to use regulation toilet paper and used to bulk-buy soft white handkerchiefs instead.
  • In 1986, Nathan Hicks of St. Louis, Missouri, shot his brother Herbert dead because he used six toilet rolls in two days.
  • The world’s oldest piece of toilet paper – thought to be 1200 years old – was found buried under an Israeli garage.
  • And last but not least, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, and Lenny Bruce all died on the toilet.


“You know that it is by the state of the lavatory that a family is judged.” (Pope John XXIII)

This completes my first Trivia Week. I hope everyone enjoyed this bizarre collection of facts as much as I did collecting them. I may have to do this again in the future because I have many more of these tidbits to share.


Posted October 16, 2021 by Every Useless Thing in Bitch & Complain

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