10/22/2021 Coincidence???   Leave a comment

I thoroughly enjoyed my career. I had a knack for investigating that gave me a great deal of satisfaction over the years. One thing I was taught by my mentors was that there were no such things as coincidences. After hundreds of cases and thousands of interviews I’ve come to the conclusion we may have been mistaken. Coincidences apparently do exist and to back up my theory I offer the following examples. Some are odd, some are quirky, and some are just unbelievably amazing.  Enjoy . . .

  • Two automobiles that collided in Ajax, Ontario, on a slippery winter day were owned by motorists named Snow and Blizzard.
  • Lena McCovey had a bottle of nerve pills swept out of her bedroom when a flood destroyed her home on the Klamath River. The pills were later recovered two hundred miles away at Coos Bay, Oregon, by Mrs. McCovey’s sister.
  • In Bermuda, brothers Erskine I. Ebbin and Neville Ebbin both died one year apart after being struck by the same taxi, driven by the same driver, and carrying the same passenger.
  • Steven Law of Markham, Ontario, Canada, was hunting for a ring lost by his father in five feet of water in Muskoka Lake. He instead found a topaz ring lost by his grandmother forty-one years earlier.
  • She gets “credit” for catching a thief. Diane Klos, a cashier in an Irvington, New Jersey retail store was given her own stolen credit card for a purchase by a customer who claimed to be her.
  • A bottle containing a note describing the fatal injury of Chunosuke Matsuyama and the death of forty-four shipmates on a hunt for buried treasure in 1784, was washed ashore at Matsuyama’s own village in Japan – 151 years later.
  • When Vera Czermak learned that her husband had betrayed her, she jumped out of her third-story window. She survived the fall but landed on her husband, who was killed.
  • Actor Sean Connery who played the film character James Bond, was once stopped for a traffic offense by a policeman named Sergeant James Bond.

I’m not convinced that all strange occurances are coincidental but these stories can make you rethink things a little.

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