12/04/2021 Remembering “The Platters”   Leave a comment

A lot of my time when I’m working on this blog, I’m listening to many of the old classic oldies from the mid-50s through the mid-70s. I have hundreds of albums and CDs of that period, but I truly love the groups that came out of the 1950’s the most. As far as I’m concerned, they created rock ‘n roll. Today I initiated my musical time-travel machine and spent an hour back in the 1960’s listening to a long list of songs by the Platters. They are one of those groups that mean quite a lot to me.

As I sat here this afternoon, I was thinking back to the last time I blogged about The Platters, in June of 2006. I was memorializing the death of the last of the group, Herb Reed. I’ve been a faithful listener of their music for most of my life and actually had the good fortune and pleasure of seeing them perform live at a dance club in western Pennsylvania when I was 17 years old. I found Herb’s death especially poignant since he was the actual founder of The Platters. They started in Los Angeles in 1953 winning amateur talent shows and performing nights and weekends up and down the California coast. Their music remains sweet and as smooth as honey. Even though they’re all gone now, they’ll never really be gone for me. Their music will live forever as it should, it’s the best.

Their music also ties me directly to my paternal grandfather. Many an afternoon was spent with him watching an old black and white, 5″, TV while he sat in his favorite chair, smoking his favorite cigars, and telling me stories of his childhood. Oddly enough his fancy humidor where he stored his precious cigars played “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” every time he opened it. I hear that song and Wham! . . . I can smell those cigars, hear those stories, and think about my favorite grandfather. That’s music working its special magic.


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