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One cold winter morning, during the Christmas season, a mailman was doing his route. As he was delivering all the Christmas cards, he came to a house and realized that they had so much mail that it wouldn’t fit in the box, so he decided to knock on the door. As the door was answered, a beautiful blond woman stood staring at him. The mailman said, “I’m sorry for bothering you, but I couldn’t get all your mail into your box, so here it is.”

The woman looked at him and said, “Why don’t you come in and take a break – it’s cold outside!” The mailman agreed and stepped into the house. A few minutes later, the woman says, “since it’s Christmas, I have an idea. Let’s go upstairs and make love!” The woman was quite beautiful, so the mailman followed her.

After a while, the two came back down the stairs. The mailman said, “Wow, that was great, but I must be getting back to my route.” The lady replied, “Oh, don’t go yet, let’s have some breakfast!” She then opened the door to the dining room and the table was covered with food and Christmas goodies. After the meal, the mailman said, “Okay, I’ve really got to go!” The woman replied, “Well, thank you very much.” and handed him a one-dollar bill.

The mailman was really confused. “What’s going on here? You invite me in, make love to me, cook me a great breakfast, then hand me a dollar!” The woman replied, “Well, I asked my husband the other day what he thought we should give the mailman for Christmas. He said, oh, screw him! Give’em a dollar!’ But breakfast was my idea!”


Posted December 9, 2021 by Every Useless Thing in Bitch & Complain

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