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I’m a huge collector of useless information and have been for many years. The more obscure the information the better I like it. These following tidbits contain true information that is not well known but still very interesting. I could write a paragraph on each item to explain the sources but it’s entirely too much work for me. Any blog that writes long and involved articles has a problem. The longer it takes to read my entry the less people will read it. It’s just a fact of life for any blogger.

  • The United States imprisons more of its population than any other country.
  • Barbie is based on a German sex doll.
  • One in three American homeless men is a military veteran.
  • The government can take your property without even charging you with a crime.
  • Cigarette butts are the most common type of litter.

  • The Patriot Act is used in cases that have nothing to do with terrorism.
  • Well over 300,000 tons of chemical weapons have been dumped in the sea.
  • Out of every 100 people, ten weren’t fathered by the man they believed is dad.
  • Head transplants on monkeys have already been performed.
  • For over 100 years, almost every discharge of waste into US waters has been illegal.

The book is 50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know authored by Russ Kick. It makes for an interesting read.


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  1. 💗Totally not a comment on your subject matter but thought I gift you with some of my poetry…such that it is. I wish I could write the deep, beautiful, and meaningful like you. Maybe someday… Anyway, this is free verse with a lot of imagery. You’ll see how dated this is but for me and maybe you, pretty nostalgic. Hope you like it Happy Birthday!

                       The Library     What a magnificent place!    It’s exciting just to walk in.     All that knowledge housed in shelf after       shelf of leather volumes.     People have such purpose there.     Senior citizens sit in clusters reading        the daily newspapers.     Young mothers patiently page their way         through periodicals while their toddlers         sit captivated for Story Hour.      Students rush to the Reference Room         hoping to find just the right books for        term papers     In another room a group of people eagerly        anticipate a journey through the internet        as they wait their turn in line.      Faces old and young,     Each seeking to learn,      To discover the magic of the written word.      The smell of musty old books mingles with         the fragrance of rich leather, oak tables,         and ink.      Quiet!     Shush!!!     And the only sounds heard are softly           turning pages,     And the incessant “plunk” of the           Librarian’s stamp.  Unfortunately there’s more where this came from.  

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