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It’s been quite a week for me.  My better-half’s new grandson has visited us three times this week.  It’s due primarily to the visit of her oldest son who is meeting the little guy for the first time.  The more time I spend around the baby the more amazed I become with just how quickly he’s developing.  He’s almost six months old and is already showing signs of his personality and attitudes.

I’ve never had much exposure to infants or newborns in my life for any number of crazy reasons.  My ex-wife was unable to have children and even though we tried for many years we were unsuccessful.  I’d like to have a dollar for every time I had sex with that infamous plastic cup and the stacks of really bad porn magazines supplied by the fertility clinic.  Many years and many dollars later we finally decided to give up and began to explore the adoption possibilities.

The adoption process was the most grueling thing I’ve ever been involved with.  After being told a three or four year wait was the best case scenario if we wanted a newborn, we were forced to rethink our adoption requirements.  We then joined a program established through the State of Massachusetts that began the process of adopting an older child.  We went through the required twelve months of meetings, psychologists, group therapy, and mental anguish.  We committed to the program one hundred percent and worked our way through it until we were finally approved.  It was exhausting but necessary.

Once approved we were given albums full of photographs of kids in the system who had been abandoned for one reason or another and for many other reasons I won’t talk about here.  It was the most heart wrenching thing I’ve ever been involved with.  To make this long story short more than a year later we were finally permitted to meet and adopt our new twelve year old son.  It was the greatest moment of our lives. Now many years later he’s a married man with his own son and another child on the way.  He survived a childhood most of us could never imagine.

But back to my original point.  I never had an opportunity to see my son grow and develop as I now have with my better-half’s grandson.  I finally understand what people have been trying to explain to me for years.  I guess "better late than never" now has much more meaning than in the past.

I fully intend to enjoy this experience with this little guy and possibly any brothers or sisters that may arrive in the next few years.  It’s more than a little bit amazing to see that  little smile and the twinkle in his eye when he laughs.  It pure, unspoiled, and maybe the most sincere and honest thing I’ve ever experienced.

The next few years are going to a lot of fun

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