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08-16-2013   2 comments

Well, I’ve made it through another transaction with a used car salesman.  My better-half has been using my car since hers was  totaled which has caused me to become house bound for the last two weeks. The choice I had was an easy one.  Do I get up at 4am to take her to work or do I stay in bed and catch an extra two hours of sleep.  No brainer right? I tried taking her to work a couple of times and finally decided I was just being stupid.

It actually wasn’t much of an inconvenience for me but I could tell she was feeling bad about the whole situation.  She surprised me yesterday when she arrived home from work a few hours early and advised me we were going out to look at a few more cars. We left the house after much discussion and time spent checking vehicles on the web at nearby dealerships. On one of our earlier trips we earmarked two vehicles as possible candidates for her.  One was a Hyundai Elantra and the second was a Honda Civic with both still remaining on the market.

We arrived at the dealership and once again discussed the two possible purchases amongst ourselves.  We both seemed a little hesitant about both cars which was just not a good sign.  Later as a salesman later stood with us with his typical nonstop flow of BS I kind of zoned out.  He was beginning to piss me off a little so I walked away for a few minutes to clear my head.  As I did I saw a car parked nearby that hadn’t been there during our last visit.  I quickly checked it out and was stunned at what a clean and untouched vehicle it seemed to be.  It had just been taken in trade for a new purchase just two days ago.

The better-half walked over and began checking it out and low and behold two hours later she was driving it off the lot and heading home.  It was well within our budget and was in absolute mint condition.  We just got very lucky for a change.  She’s now the proud owner of a Hyundai Sonata with every extra you could imagine on it with a sun roof thrown in for good measure.

We went through the normal smooth talking attempts by other salesmen to sell us extra unneeded and senseless warranties and maintenance programs. One dealerships smooth talking BS-artist was relentless in his efforts which eventually forced me to cause a minor ruckus and storm out of the office. He was lucky I’ve mellowed with age  and become such a calm and non-violent person because ten years ago I’d have gotten into his face in a big way and told him to shove his car up his ass.  But I’m a better person now, lucky for him.

Just another anticipated unpleasant experience with a little turd of a man whose mere existence just irritates the hell out of me.  Oh well, my better-half is happy to have a new car, I’m happy because I can now finally leave the house during daylight hours, and lastly that salesman is happy because he never has to see or talk to me ever again.

All in all a successful shopping safari.

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