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11-27-2012   1 comment

After yesterdays rant I found myself feeling somewhat better about the upcoming holidays.  Now for the next week we will be preparing for our trip to Maryland.  It’s going to be a long week because we’re already fighting and arguing with each other over preparations. 

Part of those preparations include topping off the home heating oil tank so we don’t run out of fuel while we’re away. We had the tank filled up today and what a bargain, only five hundred and fifty dollars to keep the house at an uncomfortably cold sixty-two degrees until late January.  I guess I shouldn’t complain because last winter we maintained the house in the range of 55-65 degrees for the entire season and let me tell you a little secret.  It’s really hard to get a good nights sleep when your wearing long johns, socks, a tassel hat, and two layers of clothing. That’s the conundrum, not spending the money you save by keeping the house cooler for extra clothing to keep your body warmer. The bottom line is this, winter is expensive and you can’t avoid paying through the nose for it. 

The government energy experts love advising people to use alternative sources of energy.  Wood burning, solar power, and wind power are their favorites.  After doing my research I come to find out it pretty much is a huge load of manure.  To equip my home with just a basic solar system would cost ten to twenty thousand dollars.  If I saved just $20.00 a month based on a fifteen thousand dollar expenditure it would require 62.5 years to recoup my money.  What a deal.  Pellet stoves are cheaper but not by much.  If I wanted wind power it could cost in the area of four thousand dollars and would give me the ability to light a limited number of lights in a few rooms of my home.  So much for the alternative energy sources.  They may become economical at some time in the future but unfortunately I’ll probably be dead for twenty years.

I’m leaving in a few minutes to  visit the local tire store for maintenance on my vehicle before the trip.  I been having issues with a slow leak that’s been driving me crazy for over a month.  Hopefully it won’t cost me an arm and a leg for repairs but as always expect the worst and when it doesn’t happen, celebrate.

I also need to do a little shopping for clothes that pass my better-half’s inspection.  I wouldn’t want to show up at any gathering with her family looking like my normal self.  I’ve been told to clean up my act, cut my hair, shave my face, and scrub my filthy body.  I’m not only required to look good but to smell good as well.  I won’t be permitted to make the trip if I have one freaking hair out of place.  This get together is just going to be “the cats ass”.  Deck the effing halls!

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