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I guess I must be suffering from post election withdrawal.  It’s such a relief to have the election and all of the associated nonsense over with.  So I’ll start this day enjoying my breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee.  I guess as long as the simple things I enjoy stay the same it helps me deal with the bigger things that suck.  I stayed up late last night reading  more of Harry Potter and occasionally surfing to Fox News to check on the election returns.  Needless to say I slept in a little later than usual this morning because I knew what I was going to wake up to.

This little breakfast nook of ours is on the second floor overlooking the road that passes by the house.  We seem to be on the route for a continuing stream of bicyclists, runners, and soccer moms with their kids and dogs. It’s an easy way for me to people watching from a safe distance without alarming anyone. People these days are very nervous, and rightly so.

I’ve noticed one thing in recent months about the runners that jog by here. They all look like they want to die with their red flushed faces and wobbly knees. I thought running was supposed to be a good thing.  All I’ve ever heard from the obsessed runners that I know is how this huge rush of endorphins surges through their skinny yet healthy bodies.  I hate to be the one to tell them that I can also get a huge rush of endorphins by smacking myself on the hand with a hammer.  Truth be told I’d rather have the smack with that hammer than to be running all over God’s creation.  Let me tell you a story I was told from my late father a few years ago.  Listen to the story and then get back to me about how healthy jogging can be. Here we go.

My father worked a blue-collar job all of his life and for most of those years his job was extremely physical so he never was into lifting weights, hitting the gym, or running.  His boss’s name was Mr. White and he worked primarily in an office position that required almost no physical activity.  Mr. White lived a few miles from our home and every morning as my dad was driving to work he’d see Mr. White jogging along in his cute little running outfit. He’d give my Dad a nod or a wave and continue on down the road. Now you must understand this, Mr. White was not overweight or in need of bodybuilding and appeared to be a healthy individual who was using running for stress relief.  One morning as my father’s work day began he was called to the office and told that Mr. White had passed away. He asked under what circumstances and was told that Mr. White had been found lying along a road approximately a half mile from his home, dressed in his jogging outfit, and dead from a heart attack.  What’s the moral of the story you ask.  That’s an easy one for me, don’t freaking jog.

I’m not criticizing those people who love running but I just thought it was ironic as hell that a guy that appeared to be as healthy as Mr. White dropped dead while jogging.  You can be sure of one thing, you’ll never see me running along a road anywhere unless there’s a guy close behind me with a gun.  Just saying.

I’m  rambling on and on because I truthfully don’t want to get off my ass and do anything today.  Maybe another coffee and some loud kick-ass music might do the trick.  We’ll see.

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  1. Eat right, exercise every day…still gonna die anyway! 😉

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