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Well we’ve survived the big day.  Our first evening of baby sitting for our newly arrived  five week old grand baby.  My better-half has slowly devolved from the position of my highly intelligent life partner to an excited and silly young mother in her twenties.  I always knew she felt that her years of raising her three children were the best years she’d ever had but I really underestimated that.  Her excitement started about a week prior to his visit and built, day-by-day, until she was practically bouncing off the walls.

She was scurrying around the house cleaning just about anything that didn’t move and some things that did, like the cat.  She had to destroy all of those nasty germs and bugs before the babies arrival.  It was fun to watch because she really hasn’t been this excited about much of anything in recent years, including yours truly.  Am I feeling unloved?  Not really, but I did feel myself slip one notch on her “people who really matter list”.

I’ve honestly never thought it was possible for anyone to get this excited by changing a smelly diaper or to giggle like a high schooler after being thrown up on.  I watched it happen and was astounded by the change in her personality.  She was in heaven.

She’s had fantasies for many years about things she wanted to do with her grand children and these two things were apparently high on that list.  Another involved my repairing and refinishing an old rocking chair I found in the garage a few years ago.  It just happened to be the very same rocker she used to rock her own children.  Even though it was in terrible condition she adamantly refused to part with it.  One of my Christmas gifts last year involved my rescue of that old chair.  I repaired some pieces, I rebuild the springs and horse hair seat, I refinished the entire frame,  and reupholstered the seat.  It did my  heart good to see her living out her  fantasy when she sat down and rocked our new arrival in that old chair.

I don’t intent to get mushy about the whole deal but it was something I won’t ever forget.  Our lives have again been altered with the addition of this young man to the family and I suspect we’ll all be the better for it. I hope his parents enjoyed their night out on the town and “Happy First Anniversary” to them both.

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  1. Aww, that’s great. Glad you guys had a good time baby sitting. Can’t blame your wife, it’s always (I assume) exciting to have grandchildren. You can love and spoil them, but at the end of the day, you get to give them back to the parents! 😉

  2. That was pretty mushy!

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