11-23-2012   5 comments

The day after any holiday can sometimes be better than the holiday itself.  I feel bad for my better-half who was up and on her way at 3:30 am to her retail nightmare.  Black Friday in my opinion has always been the worst day of the year.  I spent way too many years working on Black Friday and dealing with complete and total idiots in extremely large numbers.  She actually asked if I would make a coffee run in late morning and visit her at the store.  I love ya honey but no effing way.  Twenty-five years of retail adventures on this day convinced me to be a selfish ass and refuse her request.

My better-half is a shopping freak and she can’t wait to get off work to go shopping.  She is the ultimate glutton for punishment.  Then I’ll be forced to listen for an hour after she gets home tonight to “OMG I’m so tired”, OMG My feet hurt”, OMG People are idiots”, and on and on and on. She spent a portion of Thanksgiving Day sitting on the living room floor with her daughter going through newspaper coupons and discussing their shopping strategy.  General Eisenhower spent less time preparing for D-Day.

Unfortunately the daughter’s husband of one year is about to lose his “shopping cherry”.  Being officially married for one year yesterday made him the prime candidate to hit the shopping trail with the wife and new baby.  Isn’t true love a bitch sometimes.  I didn’t harass him much about it yesterday because we should all attempt to be nice on Thanksgiving but I could see from the look on his face he just wasn’t looking forward to any of it.  Who wouldn’t prefer a football game to having to rub elbows with the “great unwashed”.

Enough of my pessimism.  I’m relaxing in my man cave, watching a Steven Seagal movie, and blogging my life away.  I have a good cup of coffee and a huge turkey sandwich to carry me through until dinner.  The cat’s sleeping in his chair next to me and he’s happy as hell too.  I can relax until sometime this evening when the shopping storm troopers arrive.  I might even sneak in a power nap to prepare for their arrival.

Life can be good if you let it.

5 responses to “11-23-2012

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  1. Ugh, Black Friday. I wish people would go on strike and end that stupid tradition. I would never risk getting trampled just to get a sale. AND some of these “sales” aren’t even good. Good choice not being part of that craziness.

  2. The term “Black Friday” always reminded me of the plauge and the more I see of it the more I think it is the correct interpretation!

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