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The Maryland trip is now a thing of the past.  We returned home last night after eight and a half wonderful hours in the car.  As predicted my better-half was hung over and slept a great deal of the time.  No Christmas carol singing, no annoying driving tips, and no blaring music.  It was absolute heaven.

But have no fear, it wasn’t all good.  Let me take you on a trip back to fifteenth century France.  In those days the citizenry were permitted to use the roads in the country only with the King’s blessing.  Every so often while traveling through the country side they might be ambushed by groups of highwaymen who took their money and jewels and disappeared into the woods. If they were wealthy they might have hired extra security to ride along with them for protection from such ruffians.  It was a primitive system but it worked well for the rich.  In those days the poor were lucky to have a two wheeled cart to get around on.  It was mostly on foot since the cost to travel couldn’t be afforded by the great unwashed.

Aren’t we lucky to live in this century with all of our modern technologies to make our lives so much better than those poor schmucks from the past?  We don’t have highwaymen to worry about because we now have toll booths.  It’s not just the King’s men reaching out of those booths but every petty little dictatorship along the way takes their share as well.  The Kings of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine have now made it even more painful to have our money stolen.  Thievery thy name is “Easy Pass”.   Now the highwaymen have made it possible to take our money and never having to dirty their hands by touching it. 

My trip consisted of just over a thousand miles round-trip.  I won’t even get into gas prices and the taxes they’ve been loaded up with. My grand total of tolls to make that trip to visit family was just under one hundred dollars.  The most “in your face” toll goes to who else but New York.  Thirteen freaking dollars to ride over a fucking bridge.   Pardon the bad language but only an F-bomb aptly describes how I felt handing over that money. Let’s make it easy for you math whizzes, 1000 mile trip with $100.00 in tolls.  I find it incredible that I’m being strong-armed into paying ten cents an effing mile to travel on roads I’ve already paid my hard earned taxes to build and maintain.  Then they have the nerve at every Rest Area to try and sell me an Easy Pass transponder.  I guess they feel if we don’t actually have to take it out of our wallet and hand it directly to a toll taker it won’t hurt quite so much. Wrong again geniuses.

I hear a lot of people talking about secession and revolution these days and I’m beginning to understand why.  It seems that this country has started down a really ugly road.  Just remember that “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it."  The younger generations have been educated to hate this country and to ignore it’s history.  Here’s something they can’t ignore, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” It was a slogan of our past revolutionary fight and could be again if we’re not careful.

The cherry on top of the trip occurred at a McDonalds rest stop at the New York/Connecticut border.  I was starving and needed gas so we stopped for a quick break.  In my younger days my perfect woman would have been one who was attractive, worked at a fast food chain (free food), and smelled like greasy hamburgers and french fries.  I’m here to tell you those days are officially over. The girl at the register and the entire facility fulfilled all of my past fantasies and then some.  I arrived home a few hours later and had to take a long shower to get the smell of grease off my body.  Of course this morning I could still taste that greasy hamburger and had the heart burn to prove it and it was steal at seven bucks.  Another New York bargain.

It was a fun weekend for us both if we can forget the travel there and back.  I’m sooooo glad to be home.

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  1. We keep those tolls high to keep the rif-raf out! Sometimes it’s not enough though and a few slip through. Glad you made it back to God’s country.

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