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I think today will be designated as “OMG I’m So Effing Bored Day”.  I have an industrial strength case of the blah’s and a total lack of interest in just about everything. Since this blog has been officially christened “Every Useless Thing”,  I should build on that.  There are times when mind-numbing bullshit is necessary to help clear away the cob webs,  to give me the ability to turn off the freaking cell phone, to stay at home away from the world, and chill.

Did you know that:


is the longest technical word in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  It is a type of lung disease.  If that little tidbit of BS doesn’t set off your snooze alarm then there’s something wrong and you need to seek professional help.

Try this one:

Showers account for 32% of home water usage.

Someone who feels much as I do today took time out of his boring ass life to do that research.  Are you properly impressed, I doubt it.

Here’s another:

People who collect Teddy Bears are archtophilists.

Or this:

In ballet, a male dancer is called a danseur.

That’s real shocking piece of useless trivia. What the hell else would they be called.  Are you snoring yet?  Give me a few more minutes. Try this one on for size:

The small intestine is longer than the large intestine.

It only gets worse from here:

When humans are at rest, 15% of their blood is in their brains.

The lesson learned from that fact is that no matter what men tell you, this is the truth of things. Let’s continue.

Sexual intercourse between chimpanzees lasts, on average, 3 seconds.

And you ladies out there thought your high school boyfriends were bad. It just goes to show the dumber you are the quicker you succumb.  I could continue on like this for hours but as I said earlier I’m effing bored today so I’ll do one more then stop.

In the State of Arizona it’s illegal to keep more than 2 dildo’s in your house.

Reason number 355 why you don’t ever want to live there.  Well, this has been a barrel of laughs but I’m done. Tomorrow’s is definitely another day.

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  1. I should have married a chimp!

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