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The countdown is at two days.  In 48 hours I can stop writing about all of this Christmas happiness for another year.  Today was a continuation of our traditions in the preparation for Christmas eve dinner.  We’ll get together around mid-day to relax a while, watch some X-mas movies, and generally enjoy each others company. 

Our Christmas dinner is to be a little untraditional and will be served in the early afternoon.  The menu is varied and consists of a pot full of (clean & eat) shrimp, vegetable platters with dips, and crescent rolls filled with jalapenos and cheese. Next a sheet of walnuts wrapped with dates, then wrapped in bacon strips and broiled until crispy. Yum!  Other scrumptious desserts and high calorie goodies will follow because “pigging out” is required to show proper appreciation and respect for the chef.

Today requires running errands to collect of all the items and their ingredients needed for tomorrow.  We were up early and on our way to IHOP for a hot and filling breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast and coffee.  We took our time eating in order for our next stop to be open for business.  A short leisurely ride to the Portland docks to buy a few pounds of a shrimp fresh off the boat.  Thank God it was high tide which helps keep that wonderful Christmas harbor smell from wafting over the city.

Another quick stop for a bottle of really good French brandy, a few groceries, and were on our way back home.  This is the best part of Christmas for both of us.  She turns on her Christmas carols nice and loud and begins to preheat the oven for the baking marathon to follow. She’s trying something new this year, an apple and raspberry tart, which I’m really looking forward to.  Calories be damned, it’s freaking Christmas.

The kitchen is smelling wonderful, the tree looks great, and the brandy is even better than I’d hoped.  Things are looking good for tonight and tomorrow will be even better.

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  1. That’s the spirit!!! Merry Mary Christmas!

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