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It’s finally Christmas Day.  I’m still lounging around in bed and I plan on staying here as long as humanly possible.  We had a great holiday celebration last night and the kids and their new son are now on their way to northern Maine to celebrate with his family. Snow has started and I’m sure we can expect quite a few inches over the next two days. I hope they get there safely.

Last night was fun with really excellent food and great company. We drank liberally, ate shrimp until we couldn’t eat anymore, and even got in a few hands of cutthroat Hearts.  I suffered an embarrassing alcohol induced loss that I’ll never hear the end of.

The new grandson behaved like a little angel.  Except for a couple of feeding trips to Mom he slept the entire evening.  I was strong-armed into wearing a ridiculous red Santa shirt with matching hat and was officially dubbed a member of the Santa Helper’s Brigade.  It was the baby’s first Christmas and my first time being Santa. There were enough really embarrassing pictures taken with the baby to haunt me for years to come.

I have to say we all received everything we could have ever wanted and then some.  I probably won’t have any meaningful conversations any time soon with my better-half since she’s huddled over in the corner taking sweetly and softly to her new IPad.  Now she won’t give me so much grief about paying more attention to my IPad than to her.

It may take a better part of the day to clean up the wrapping debris that seems to be everywhere. We heard the cat a number of times through the night rummaging through wrapping paper and having a great old time.  He even received a few gifts which he appears to like a lot.  He now has two mechanical mice to chase through the house when he becomes bored with playing with us.

We’re both looking forward to a lazy day of relaxation and a really nice standing rib roast for our dinner this evening.  All in all it was a great holiday and well worth the time spent in preparing for it.

We hope yours was the same.

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  1. Thanks to you…you Are MY better half and you made this Christmas especially nice. Love you!

  2. Only 365 days left to Christmas, and almost all of these are shopping days!!! I can hardly wait…..Humbug I say!

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