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This morning is for recreation and not creation for at  least a few hours.  The better-half is long gone to work, the cat’s been fed, and the coffee fresh.  I think a short trip to Middle Earth is necessary before I continue what should be a rather busy day. 

42” of X-box is the only proper way to kick start a day and I’m loving it.  This new Lego Lord of the Rings is a hoot and it appears that it will take a great deal of time to master.  I’m at 23% completion and I’ve been working it at it off and on for a couple of weeks already.  Hours and hours of continuous fun ahead for me.

Late morning has pulled me back into the kitchen where I’m beginning the process of making my special spicy pasta sauce.  My hands smell of onion and are burning like fire from the jalapenos (forgot my gloves).  Did most of the prep work last night so it’s all about the cooking and canning today.  I’ve got to get back to it right now before things overcook.

La-Dee-Da (Time passing)

Well its two hours later and I’m putting the finishing touches to things.  I just finished canning seventeen pints of some really tasty meatless sauce.  I went easy on the heat for this batch since many of the people who will be receiving it aren’t crazy about really hot food.  I held back one quart jar that we’ll be using for dinner later today.  I can’t wait.  The one downside to all of this is the cleanup which seems to take twice as long as the preparation. It’s a big, gigantic, huge, pain in the ass.


Just finished a rather enjoyable meal of miniature cheese raviolis covered with my delicious sauce.  I’m not really bragging but it was one helluva good vegetarian dish.  We’ve been trying a little harder to cut down the amount  of meat we consume but don’t worry, I’ll never quit completely.  I’m a big believer in eating a little of everything but a not lot of any one thing. It’s all about portions and quality for us now.  It’s one of the reasons I enjoy making my own food, I know exactly what’s in it.  No added sugars or preservatives just great flavors. 

Our hobby has expanded to include the making of sauces, relishes, jams, canned pickles and veggie mixes, and spicy green beans (all from the garden).  Both my better-half and I make our own versions of home-made wine, flavored vinegars, and a habanero cooking wine that is to die for.  Besides being a little healthier for us both it’s also great fun.   

Well back to the cleanup. I want to be finished before my better-half gets home.

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