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I’m beginning to think I’m becoming less tolerant these days.  I’ve always been opinionated but lately it’s taken an ugly turn.  Many people have constantly bitched and complained about the younger generations and their misuse of the English language but I think we should all be bitching and complaining about those complainers.  I’m more pissed off and annoyed with the young adults and grownups who, trying to be cool, pickup a  lot of this annoying slang.  Kids will be kids but adults are supposed to set the example for them.  Now it’s the kids setting something less than a good example for the adults.

I thought I’d compile a list of the things I hear every day when I’m out and about mixing and mingling with the great unwashed.  The more I hear the more annoyed I get. I had to stop listening because my list was getting way too long. This list is definitely not in the order of annoyance.

“You know what I’m say’in?” –  I could just scream every time I effing hear this.  And you never hear it just once, it’s used over and over again in the same conversation.

“It’s literally a thousand degrees outside.”  – This annoying adult slang.  People don’t know what’s literal and what’s figurative.  College education be damned.

“24/7/365”  – I just hate this.

“Whatever”  – Just say what your thinking, say F-You!

“Like”  – "So I was, like, going to the store and, like, this guy stops me and, like, starts talking to me in, like, french."

“Whassssup?”  – Morons, idiots, and Hip Hop

“Dis”  – Do you realize how many people in this country have been killed or beaten because of this word?

“No way!  WAY!!” – Thanks to the movie Clueless for this nonsense.

“Just Saying” – Just freaking stupid.  I actually caught myself starting to use this and I’m so ashamed.

"My Bad!" – Anyone using this needs a foot buried deep in their ass.

”Sick (meaning cool)”  – This is just sick, I think.







“Dude (when talking to a woman)”



My better-half’s like, you know, whatever and I’m like, no way and she’s like, way! This posting is like, you know, OMG.  Have a sick and awesome day.  Just Saying!

Here’s an up and coming favorite in use by many of our nine to eleven year olds": 


You heard it here first.

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  1. You’re “beginning” to think you’re becoming less tolerant!!! Dude, like you have always been so intolerant it’s sick!

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